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    is there anyone here know the fastest how to make penis bigger and longer in 6 month??

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    I copied the following from www.thundersplace.org
    A member there asked a friend how he grew his penis at a rate of 1" per 6 months:

    "Well, here is the culmination of my discussions with the big gainer….

    He is not currently active with PE, as he had gone many months with zero gains, then decided he had enough. He described his size as “9-9¼ inches long.” When I asked him about girth, he said, “near the end, I’m 6½ around.” I thought that was quite impressive and asked what his base girth was; but, to my surprise, he said “six.” So, he obviously developed a major baseball bat effect from his jelq-heavy approach. I told him that my girth measurements were his – only inverted.

    His Approach
    Each morning when he awoke, he would undress then go into the bathroom. He would then sit on the edge of the bathtub, with his feet in the tub, and proceed to do “several minutes” of hot wraps. As he sat near the faucet, he would reheat the rag as necessary.

    Then he would apply lube (usually Vaseline), and proceed to his wet jelqs.
    Afterwards, he would clean off then apply another “several minutes” of hot wraps before continuing with his workout [he explained that as his workout times began to sprawl, he eventually dropped this second hot wrap session, and only hot-wrapped at the beginning of each workout].

    He would thoroughly dry off, then apply talcum powder and do his stretching. When I asked why he stretched after his “milking” (as he referred to jelqs), he said that when he tried to stretch before doing the jelqs, his unit became fatigued and he could not maintain proper inflation for jelqing for any extended period of time – so he jelqed first. He also explained that the combination of the hot wraps & jelqing really warmed up the tissues prior to stretching them.

    After he finished stretching, he would remain seated on the edge of the tub and proceed to kegels. After he’d reach a certain count, he would hop into the shower and start his day.

    He did this 7 days per week – without fail.
    When his morning session eventually became too long (over an hour), he split his times in half – doing an AM & PM session each day: 14 per week. By the time those sessions sprawled to about 1 ¼ hours each, he was 9¼ x 6½.

    His Workout
    Wet jelqs….slow (he started at about 3 seconds per stroke, but as he gained length, the stroke times climbed to about 5 seconds each)….very moderate intensity (he stated several times that he never incurred even a minor injury doing this stuff). He alternated hands rhythmically, smoothly, never squeezed too hard.

    Started at only about 50 jelqs per session. When his counts had (gradually) climbed up over 300 or 400, he found counting the reps too tedious. By then, he had an accurate idea about the rep-time relationship, so he started to simply time the jelq sessions.
    He never jelqed erect, but tried to keep his inflation at about ¾ woody.

    Stretching….never pulled very vigorously….held each stretch rather long (usually 3 minutes or more)….started with about 5 minutes worth of stretching….later added rotary stretches after his standard stretches…usually pulled straight out and also straight up….never did downward stretching.

    Kegels….did a large kegel workout at the end of each session – usually quick squeezes & releases….but also kegeled throughout the day.

    He was very methodical about progression. Every 3 weeks or so, he would increase both his jelq time & his stretch time by about 2-3 minutes each.

    When he first began, he gained 2” EL in less than a year (from 5” to 7”). He quit for a while (not sure, but it was between 1-2 years). When he resumed, after his divorce, he was still “about 7 inches,” but he “quickly got to eight.”
    He continued plodding along, nonstop, even doing up to two 1¼ hour sessions daily, until he was 9-9 ¼ x 6 ½. He continued to PE for months, but was no longer gaining. He quit several months ago.

    Very active & health-conscious….in good shape….jogs & plays racquet ball.

    No caffeine, no nicotine, no salt, no saturated fats or refined sugars. Very little alcohol. He also takes a multi-vitamin/mineral supplement daily, additional C (as an antioxidant), and he takes “a lot of ginseng.” Also drinks mineral water.

    Overall impressions
    His approach is very basic, no secret exercises or special formulas. In fact, he seems to know little about PE. He never pumped, hung weights, wore an ADS, a cock ring or a clamp. He never did erect work, never mentioned any type of dual-fulcrum stretching or bundled stretches, or deconditioning breaks, etc.

    Hot wraps, wet jelqs, stretching, kegels – 7 days per week. And a slowly rising crescendo of volume – leading up to 2 daily sessions of 1+ hours each. Possibly augmented by plenty of cardio and a very strict diet. I figure that he’s probably done about 1 million jelqs and probably more than 1,000 hours of stretching time under load.

    I think the key for him was cumulative fatigue – over a long period of time – but without any “trauma.” He gradually coaxed his gains, via a large amount of impaction, and his lifestyle & diet allowed those expanding tissues to keep healing & growing.

    I think its a mistake when guys chase that "soreness" or fret about not feeling "fatigued" after a workout - whatever that means. I think the "fatigue" that really matters is that which is accumulated over many weeks & months, providing that the tissues are fully healing between sessions. I also suspect that his 2 daily sessions (which he started doing near the end) may have been too much, hence no more gains. Once his AM session exceeded 75 minutes, he should've (in my opinion) taken a few months off, then came back at only 20 minutes. I'll bet the gains would've jumpstarted.

    Anyway, that's all there is."

    SO don't rush or force things and be consistent, the techniques are classic PE exercises, nothing special.
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    believe I read in a Flynt magazine, years ago as an adolescent, this guy submitted a photo, published in that issue, of this huge thing, that got to that size by being repeatedly struck with a baseball bat (seriously)

    as I recall the pic, it was massive, long and very thick

    pretty sure, I wouldn't try it
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