A ravaging at a party

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    I thought I'd try my hand at writing a story, rather than using my hands for other things ;) Let me know if you like it or if I should continue it.

    Throughout the evening, Melissa had been eyeing up Mark. She had her sexy black minidress on, which nicely fitted her petite figure, and was showing just enough cleavage to catch a man's eye. There were a lot of rich beautiful people at the party, but Melissa found most of them boring, arrogant or pervs. Her friend Jane was being leched over by a greasy-haired banker type, but with the amount of alcohol she had drunk it looked like she was enjoying it.
    Mark seemed different, he was tall, gentlemanly, cheeky and modestly dressed. She looked at him across the room again and thought "Perhaps he's not so modestly dressed after all" as she saw what appeared to be a sizeable bulge down one of his trouser legs. She found herself licking her lips unconsciously. Suddenly he caught her looking and she blushed. She had to look away.
    Mark walked over to her. She wondered what he would say. Then she realised he was calling at someone behind her, and wasn't coming to speak to her at all. He made to brush past her, when suddenly she had a wicked thought. She let her arm be pushed by him as he manouevered by, then "accidentally" spilled her cocktail on his crotch. She instantly felt embarrassed at what she had done - how could she have been so unsubtle - but luckily Mark suspected nothing.
    "I'm so sorry," she mewed at him, one hand moving to brush his wet patch dry, then recoiling as she realised a crowd was staring. But it was enough, she had had a brief touch and could feel something big there.
    "I'd better go and get cleaned up," said Mark, smiling. He hadn't seemed to notice.
    Mark disappeared, leaving Melissa flustered and very horny. The party returned to its usual buzz around her, but she couldn't relax. She had never seen a large penis before, and desperately wanted to see Mark's. It had felt as enormous as one of her uncle's prize cucumbers. How could a body part get so large, she wondered, and what would it feel like inside her. She began to fantasise about it, losing herself in her own thought. Just thinking about it made her pussy glisten with moisture. A few minutes later, her urges got the better of her and she slipped out to try to find out where he had gone.
    "Must be in the bathroom," she thought, as she climbed the stairs. As she got closer, she could hear the shower running. Her heart was pounding and her pussy was getting wet.
    The bathroom door was locked, so she knocked lightly. "Mark! Is that you?"
    The shower stopped and there was a pause. The door opened.
    Mark was standing there, with a towel round his waist. His hair was slick, and his muscly 6ft 3 figure towered over her, dripping water. She hadn't noticed how well built he was before.
    "Hi Mel, what's up?"
    Melissa didn't know what to say. She couldn't look him in the eye, instead she could barely stop staring longingly at his bulging towel. He looked like he had been enjoying himself in the shower! She stood there for a few seconds with her mouth open.
    "Oh, I know your game," said Mark with a cheeky grin, advancing on her. He reached to grab her waist and kiss her.
    Melissa hadn't expected this. She knew she wanted him but it seemed so sudden. She backed off, then turned to run. He chased her.
    Up, up the stairs she ran, to the top floor of the luxurious house. The sound of Mark's bare feet followed her. When she reached the top floor she ran into a dark bedroom and shut the door behind her.
    She tried to hold it shut, but Mark was right behind her. He pushed on the door, her small weight unable to hold it back. "Oh wow! Oh wow!" she whispered to herself, imagining what would happen when he caught her.
    Her feeble attempts to resist gave in. The door was pushed wide and Melissa was gently shifted onto the floor. Mark stood above her, breathing heavier from the effort. He reached to switch on the light. He was naked.
    Melissa saw the dong hanging over her. It was bigger than her last boyfriend's had been when erect. Long, thick and heavy, it swung like a pendulum as Mark advanced on her. It was growing larger and larger before her eyes. She moaned as she watched it. "I want that," she purred.
    Mark lifted her up easily and carried her over to the bed, laying her down gently. She let him feel inside her tiny black dress and pull down her moist knickers.
    They kissed and Melissa hungrily reached out to feel the monster phallus beside her. The fingers of her small hands couldn't reach round the mighty girth.
    "Oh, fuck! It's sooo big!" she giggled.
    It was at full size now, a humungous thick 11 inches of cock. The helmet was shiny with precum and throbbed.
    "I want it. Fuck me! FUCK ME!" she said.
    He climbed above her on the bed, and positioned his erection at the entrance to her dripping cunt. Gently, he penetrated her. His first inch entered her slowly. It filled her so well with its thickness, she could barely contain a squeal.
    Suddenly a fire alarm went off...
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    Really good! Any more?
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