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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by funnyguy, Feb 22, 2008.

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    You may note that I have changed my profile. I just felt that I had to do this.
    I have really appreciated this site and have learned so very much. I have met some great cyber friends! I only wish I had this information many years ago. It surely would have made me more daring and willing to experiment much more in my sex life. I find so many good posts and learn what I should have known way before now. I still get very horny, but now am a widower and live by myself. I have many friends and lots of family-all who support me, but surely wish I could meet someone and continue my current fantasies with real live guy who would not be turned off by me and my age.
    Finally, I want to make a comment about those who have left the site. I miss Osiris and Earlogjam. I find it a tad off putting that dialog can't be civil. Of course, we can all disagree! But does that mean that we have to resort to name calling?:confused: Just because my opinion does not agree with another persons does not mean that I am an idiot or an asshole, does it?
    Anyway, I still enjoy the site and the great exchanges that I read on here and avoid those who resort to name calling.
    This site keeps me going when I am not out and busy, so.....
    Thanks to LPSG for just being!
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