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    He knocked on her door, feeling a little nervous. But he hadn’t come all this way just to go back home. He wanted something and he was damn sure she wanted it too. There was a lot to give. She answered the door, he nearly came on the spot. Blonde hair with brunette highlights, her skin perfectly tanned a bewitching bronze and she had the tightest top on. Her 36DD breasts almost coming out of it. Her legs were so slim too and her skirt (or lack of it) left little to the imagination. ‘Someone’s getting’ fucked tonight’ he thought.

    Stepping into the house, she looked him up and down. Then down again, her big blue eyes hovering around crotch level. The t-shirt he was wearing was tight and showed off his broad shoulders and manly physique. He had loose fit jeans on. For his own comfort, but she didn’t know that. There was definitely something there but she didn’t know if it was just a crease or something big and juicy for her to wrap her mouth around. Maybe later she’d find out.

    They sat and drank, watching TV and joking. More watching each other than the TV though. As the wine (and vodka) flowed, they both loosened up and were immersed in kissing – lots of kissing. Always tongues, always wet. He wondered how wet her other lips were. His hands were drawn to her massive tits, fondling them and squeezing her hard, long nipples. Her hands stroked his shoulders down to his toned stomach. She didn’t go any further, wanting to wait til they were upstairs for the big surprise.

    At midnight, they went upstairs. She led the way. Once in her room she went straight into the bathroom to get ready for bed. As if she had to bother; they both knew sex was on the cards. While he was waiting, he stripped down to his boxers and jumped in the bed. She came out soon after, in a very sexy, soft blue satin dressing gown. As he lay in bed beside her, his hands fondled her tits again. He couldn’t help himself. She started moaning, letting out a feeble ‘stop it’ as they kissed deeply. He slowly took off her dressing gown, revealing her huge chest. Large nipples and her breasts were so round and soft.

    He got hard. She felt it like a log against her thigh. Then she reached down hungrily, excitedly and said, “Wow, you’re pretty big.”.
    “For you I am, normally it’s only 6 inches. You’re so fuckin’ hot”
    She laughed at that, with a soft, sexy as hell moan at the end. It made her wet, wetter than she already was, to know that she got a cock so big and hard.

    “How big is it then?”
    “Nine inches” he replied. All she said to that was ‘mmmm’ and went down on him. She could only get the head in her mouth, the shaft was too thick. She was mumbling and gagging a bit, he looked down and smiled, “What are you doing?”
    “Trying to take it all!” she said, looking up at him with those sexy blue eyes of hers. “But its too fuckin’ big.”

    They laughed and she reluctantly gave up on deepthroating his massive man meat. Lay beside each other again, he began kissing her neck. He kissed down her sexy, perfumed neck. He feasted on her chest, sucking each of her nipples hard, stealthily moving himself til he was positioned on top of her.

    His rock hard, thick nine incher pressed against her wet pussy lips, teasing her. He gently placed just the head inside her as she let out a gasp. “You could have warned me!” she screamed, stern but playful. “Fine then!” and he took his cock out of her. She protested “Nooooo” in that cute, sexy voice of hers. “You want it inside you?” he asked. She grabbed his cock and hollered “YES! Fuck me!”

    Now it was his turn to moan. ‘mmmmmm’ he breathed, deeply and sexily. But still wanting to tease her, he gripped his cock and rubbed the head against her clit. She moaned with pleasure, sounding almost like she was crying. Mixed with laughter. “Fuck meeeeeeee” she begged. He took the hint this time. Penetrating her with all nine inches right away. She gasped, then screamed “Mmmm, feels like ten!”

    That sent him wild and he wrapped his arms around her sexy, curvy frame and fucked her as hard as he could for as long as he could. Grunting and moaning. Deep and hard, fast and slow. It turns out he can fuck really hard and last all night. She lost count of how many times she came. Her sheets were soaked with the juice from her pussy. He shot a huge load inside her, then they collapsed together in a pool of sweat. He wondered if they’d meet up again. She knew they would. You don’t let a cock like that get away.


    Be gentle this is my first time writing an erotic story. I tried to keep it mainly sex since I thought that's what people want. This is a true story the only difference is my cock is a mere 8 inches, not nine. I thought 9 was more apt to big cock stories


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    very good storyi like thr persepctive jumps aswell maybe make it a little more dawn out at there next meeting but those are just mt sugestions
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