A Rivalry Ended

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    Chris and Mike had met their freshman year of college. Two young, virile guys in their prime. They were neighbors in their dorm at Umass Amherst. They met one day in a dormmates' room smoking pot and they became fast friends. They both loved sports, music, politics, and video games. They also loved to argue about these things, aggressively. Both boys wanted to win. Moreover, they wanted to beat the other guy. Chris and were two very competitive guys. It soon became an obsession between the two to constantly outdue eachother. In everything. Every ame, sport, argument. And they would always go after eachother's pered akness. Chris would almost certaintly end every argument with, "well, I still have a better body than you!" And he did. Chris was a 5'8 block of muscle. He worked out religiously and it showed. He had a ripped six pack that made all the girls on the floor go wild with lust. He knew he had Mike beat in this one and he threw it at him whenever he could. Taking his shirt off at every opportunity. Especially if Mike was around. And Mike's retort would alws be, "well, I still have a longer dick than
    you." And it wa ue. Mike had a 5 inch flaccid dick that grew to 8 inches. Chris had around 3 inces soft and grew to a respectable 6.5. Chris would wince at that reply. He wondered how true it could be.

    So a rivalry was born.

    Chris and Mike's competitive nature evenloped everything they did. And everyone knew if their constant, never-ceasing battle. Most were even tired of it. This competition even extended to their girlfriends. Chris' girlfriend was Melissa. She was 5'6, Italian, dark-brown haired, and had small hands and feet. She was also a cheerleader and could often be found donning her cheer skirts and black n silver sports bra(which left little to the imagination with her nice perky small c cup breasts). She was the object of every guy's desire in the dorm. Mike's girlfriend was Bridget. A cute, girl next door type. She was very petite at 5'1, Irish, blue eyed, and big breasted for her small body. She had very tiny but cute hands and feet. She would often be found in her comfort clothes: small umass booty shorts and a tank top. Many of the guys had noticed the shy, quiet girl as she pitter-patted barefoot from the bathrooms to her dormroom.

    Chris and Mike started to take their competition to the bedroom. If one guy fucked his girl for an hour. The other guy would go for two hours. If one guy did something kinky with his gf, the other would go kinkier. Soon it became clear that a win in this fight would have to come by getting with the other guy's girlfriend. And so with this in mind, Mike approached his gf, Bridget with the idea of having a threesome with him, her, and Melissa. Now up until this point, the girls had always been somewhat exasperatingly humored by the constant back and forth between the two. They even got a lil competitive themselves. Wanting to see their guy win. But for Bridget, something recently had changed. For now, Bridget wanted nothing more than to see her man lose. A week earlier she had been approached by Melissa. Melissa, spurred on by a highly aggressive Chris, wanted to have a threesome of their own and wanted Bridget. Bridget was very flattered by this. She knew Melissa was the hottest girl among the dormmates. She knew she was hot. And Chris, well, she had one of those girls too who eye'd his ripped body with lust. She too wanted him. Every girl did. And she found out something else about Chris. He WAS hung. Melissa revealed to Bridget that Chris was very very thick. He split her wide and made her cum easily. This impacted Bridget hard. Yes Mike was long, but he was soo skinny. His body and his cock. She was always left wanted more. To filled up more. Thickness. And as far as cumming during penetration? Mike never made her do that. She always had to make him go down on her after. She was more than a little ticked at her bf when she found out about Chris' cock. She had been witness to Mike claiming to be bigger than Chris. She had always thought it mean. But if Chris had the better cock and body? She wanted Mike to know it. She didn't want him bragging anymore. So she agreed to do the threesome after a week worth's of convincing by Melissa and a weeks worth of flirting by Chris. She was going to fuck Chris and Melissa and Mike was going to witness it. And she knew just how to make it happen. She was going to divulge his biggest weakness to hid most intense rival.

    Mike had a weakness for feet. A very powerful foot fetish.

    Bridget had begun to sense a submissiveness in Mike from the first time he had sex. He always preferred her on top. He would often whimper or beg during sex, and had even routinely referred to her as master. That, and he became obsessed with her tiny, cute barefeet. He had to massage, and kiss, and lick them. He loved sucking her toes. And admittedly, she did as well. She felt powerful. And soon, she promised, Chris would feel powerful too. Chris was floored when Bridget relayed him this info with Melissa. Finally he had something on Mike. Finally he had a chance to shut his friend up for good. And he wasnt going to let it pass him by. Bridget laid out her plan to them. She had offered to make a homemade porn with Mike instead of the threesome. She convinced Mike play it for Chris and show him how it's done. She said to him, "You can show off your big dick to Chris and tell him to top that!". Mike liked the idea. Yea, that would show Chris. Beat that he would say. Bridget even planted the idea of them drinking and watching the tape while they jerked off. Mike agreed, he would say he had a new hot porn and by the time they had their pieces out Chris would realize it was of Mike and Bridget and Mike could brag on camera and right there in the room. His big dick on display for Chris to be jealous of. The trap was set. Bridget told Chris to use Mike's secret against him. That if faced with the truth of his weakness being outed, and Chris' thickness on display, that Mike's self confidence would crumble and he would break. Bridget told Chris that if he threatened to fuck her and have her feet, Mike would become insanely jealous and frightened. And ultimately Mike would beg for mercy. But Bridget told Chris and Melissa the key to making sure this worked. Mike had to bow down. He had to worship barefeet. He had to worship Chris' barefeet. Chris eyes widened in shock, then the corners of hid mouth went up into an evil grin. He had to make his best buddy bow down to him. He had to make Mike his own footslave. This was too good to be true.
    Mike's eyes darted back and forth from his friend's strong feet to his bulging, thick phallus, to his buddy's intimidating stare. Again they sat in suspense. Finally showed his first sign of weakness, "Chris, please." he whispered so softly that normally it would have been inaudible, but in this tension filled silence echoed loudly. Chris cracked a slight grin, sensing weakness and goin in for the attack. But he told himself to be patient, to enjoy this. He would get Mike there, but he wasn't goin to rush this. He was going to savor it. This was a once and a lifetime opportunity and if he played it just right, he might make it last a lifetime. And he might turn his buddy into a cuckold and his own personal footslave. So he prodded Mike more.
    "Please what, Mike?"
    "Please don't do this to me!"
    "Do what? What is it you think I'm gonna make you do? Your gf looks good naked ya kno. She's real flirty too. Those titties and that bubble butt. Mmm, I'd love to tap that." he teased. Mike's face was priceless. He was breaking. He looked simultaneously worried, jealous, scared, and turned on. Chris, sensing blood, went in for the kill, "And those sexy little barefeet of hers? Oh yeaa, I'm def gonna havta suck those cute toes."
    Mike tumbled down to his knees before he even processed his next move. He clasped his hands together and blurted out, "Chris pleasee! Not Bridget's toes! They're mine! I need them! Don't take them from me! I'll do anything! I'll do whatever you say!!!"
    Chris smiled widely and squeezed his cock extra hard so it bulged even more. It looked like a coffee can now. Chris had him. This was it. Victory was within his grasp and he wouldn't let it slip away like Mije had, "I dunno, buddy. I bet Bridget would love me sucking her plump toes while i stretch her tight pussy with my huge thick dick!" as if, on cue, the onscreen Bridget blurted out, "Why aren't you thicker? I waannaa cum all ready!"
    Chris laughed at Mike. Mike begged his friend again, "Chris, please don't fuck my girl! Don't lick her feet, I'll do anything! I'll I'll...," he looked at the barefeet on the table before him and gulped, "...I'll kiss your feet!!" he shouted. Chris looked down at his dominant feet. He raised a foot and moved it in the air in front of his buddy's face. He looked at it quizzingly and seemed not to notice that he was wiggling his toes inches from Mike's face.
    "Kiss my barefeet? I hadn't thought of that. That's interesting. I've never had someone bow down to my feet before. I think this could work. But Bridget is pretty tempting. You'd have to do more than jus kiss them I think."
    "I'll lick them! I'll suck them too!" he offered, perhaps a bit too quickly.
    "That'll work. But your gf is pretty tempting still, you'd havta be my footslave for a long time.."
    "For the rest of my life! Please, Chris! Please, have mercy?!"
    Chris smiled mischievously.
    "Then I think you need to beg for them, Mike. Beg for my smelly barefeet, buddy." Chris insisted.
    Mike flinched. It was bad enough he was gonna havta do this, did he really havta beg for it too? "Why do I have to beg, Chris?"
    "Because I don't want there to be any misunderstanding between us, Mike. I win. You lose. Your the bitch, I'm the master. No longer will there be any doubt between us. I fucking win you pathetic little wimp. Now beg me good and then start kissing my feet and maybe I'll spare your girl the fuckin of her life!!"
    This was it. This was the moment. Mike kept looking at the feet in his face, the fat dick in his buddy's hand, and finally Chris' cocky, arrogant, elated face. The two friend's sat frozen there. Mike looked into his friend's eyes and said, "Chris, please let me kiss your feet. Your the man. I bow down to you. You win. I've always been jealous of your body and I'm jealous of your huge cock. Please Chris, I promise I'll show you respect. Pleaseee, Chris, let me lick your barefeet!!!!!"

    Chris smiled, this was going to be fun.
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    San Diego (CA, US)
    Bridget was impatient. It had been an hour and she and Melissa had been constantly wondering aloud if it was happening. If Chris had broken Mike. If Mike was bowing down to Chris as they spoke.
    "Do you think Mike will do it?" Melissa asked again. She was enthralled by the idea that her strong, tough, dominant boyfriend was going to make a wimp out of his best friend and chief rival. She was very turned on by the idea of seeing Mike on his knees before Chris lapping at Chris' soles with his tongue. She was wet thinkin about it. And she wasn't the only one. Bridget was sure it was a done deal. She and Chris were on the same page and both were determined to make it happen.
    "Oh yes, Mel, I was telling Chris. It's gonna be so easy." the girls locked eyes. They were in their usual attire, but now they were hot and horny, and impatient. They wanted to fuck, NOW! Melissa leaned closer to her petite friend,
    "Hey Bridge, come closer I wanna tell you something."
    And just as Bridget leaned in and their lips met, Melissa's phone went off with a single worded text,


    Mike's pleading words hung in the air. This was it. Chris was ready to claim victory. It was all gravy from here. "Kiss my feet, bitch!"
    Mike grimaced and slowly leaned in. Chris' were so maniacal and entranced. Would he really do it? Was he about to see this happen? His friend, his rival, kiss his barefeet? Mike's lips touched the strong foot right on the top. The kiss was soft and deliberate. It lingered and was wet. Chris hummed approvingly, "Again bitch! And again, and again! Don't stop!"
    Mike repeated his kisses on the top of the foot. Over and over. Kissing all over the top of his buddy's foot. Chris chuckled softly. This was amazing. He never would have dreamed of this happening. Having his feet worshipped like a Greek or roman god. He was hooked. He loved it. He was going to make his buddy do this all the time if he could. He was gonna push Mike's limits. He pulled his foot away then held it up in Mike's face. Inches from his mouth. He mashed it gently into his friend's face. Slowly rubbing the ball of his foot on Mike's lips, while his toes pressed against Mike's nostrils. The funky smell was overwhelming. He order Mike to smell, "Sniff bitch, smell that foot stank." Mike obeyed. He sniffed away. And when Chris ordered for Mike to start kissing the bottom of his foot, make complied. He started at the ball and moved down the arch to the heel and back up again. He would open his lips wide, apply his lips to the skin, then drag his lips closed over the surface of the sole. Kissing very obviously and emphatically. Chris approved but noted, "Dont forget about the toes!" he said as he wiggled them. Mike nibbled his bare toes with kisses. Chris kept up the taunting, "That's right, bitch! Haha, look at you now, Mike? No tough guy are you now huh? 30 minutes ago you were talkin shit, whose the bitch now, Mike? You! Pathetic wimp." Mike only kissed harder. Chris pushed him more, "Lick em now! Lick my smelly feet, Mike!" Mike didn't hesitate. He applied his outstretched tongue against Chris heel and dragged it slowly up over his arch, completely covering his sole in saliva. Up over the ball of his foot right into the toes. He repeated it over and over. Heel to toes. Heel to toes. Heel to toes. Chris was ecstatic. He released his dick. It couldn't get any thicker or harder. He placed his hand behind his head and ordered Mike to make sure he got both feet. Sat and worshipped his feet for what seemed like hours but was prob about 20 straight mins.
    "Suck my toes now!" Mike caved again. Wasting no time as he sucked each toe one by one and then all together. Running his tongue all over Chris' meaty toes. Mike especially lingered on the beefy big toe. Touching on pad of the toe with his tongue and swirling it over the perfectly trimmed short toenail and around again underneath. He just sucked on it like a lolly pop. Chris laughed again. "That's a good slave. Yeaa yeaa suck my toes bitch." It was time he felt. Time to close it out and turn his buddy once and for all into a cuckold footslave. Mike was so tuned into Chris' feet he didn't notice his friend pick up his phone and send a text.

    The girls looked at eachother excitedly. They jumped up and ran down the hall. Barefeet pitter pattering along the way. Bridget pulled out the spare dorm key she had for her bf, Mike's room and quietly opened it. The girls walked in slowly and quietly and looked around the corner and surveyed the scene in awed surprise. Chris had his hands behind his head and a broad smile on his face as he feet, propped up on the coffee table, were being licked and sucked on vigorously by Mike. Chris cock was pointing straight up, leaking precum. They knew they were going to see this but it still shocked them. Here it was in the flesh, before their eyes. Chris had done it. He had broken Mike. He had won. Mike didn't notice the girls in the shadows. But Chris spotted them out of the corner of his eye. He motioned for them to stay hidden a bit longer. He had to set Mike up.
    "You know what, buddy, Bridget is just too hot. I'm gonna havta go ahead and fuck her anyway." Mike unglued his mouth from Chris feet. He was shocked. What had this been for then?
    "But you promised, Chris! That's why I'm doing this! So you won't fuck my girl!"
    "Yea but ive decided I want both. I'm gonna fuck her and I'll keep you as my footslave too." he decreed, like Zeus from Mount Olympus.
    "Why would I keep worshipping your feet if your gonna fuck my girl anyway?"
    "Because, the way I see it, you don't have much choice. You seem to enjoy licking my barefeet. I figure you'll accept this and take your place as my cuckold footslave or I'll fuck yur girl and everyone in the dorm will know what a pathetic wimp loser you are." Chris threatened.
    "Bridget won't do it. She won't cuck me."
    "I wouldn't be so sure, after she sees this." he said, grabbing his fat hard dick again. "Or after seeing you licking my toes like you were just then."
    Mike tried one last ditch effort, "She won't believe you!"
    "Oh yes she will." And Chris signaled for the girls to enter. Mike jumped to his feet and so did Chris. Both boys were naked and erect. Bridget approached her bf and looked up into his face,
    "I knew it! I knew you'd break. I set you up. Chris beat you to it, baby. Melissa and him came to me a week ago and we hatched this plan. Now we're gonna have a threesome and yur gonna watch, cuck!"
    Chris grabbed Bridget around the waist and held her tight as he stared at his friend. Melissa came around to Chris other side and he held both girls like trophies. His prize for winning this battle. Chris chuckled as Melissa taunted Mike, "Who's the man, now, Mike? Cock isn't so big anymore huh?"
    They all looked at the two cocks. Mike's had gone flaccid again at the girls appearance. He was looking a shrunken 4 inches. Chris was the biggest he's ever been, topping out at 7 inches and looking like a tree trunk with it's thickness. Mike had never felt so humiliated, so emasculated. It was over and now, finally, he knew it too.
    "Last offer: bow down and kiss my feet. Accept your place as my cuckold slave and I'll let you watch as I fuck Bridget. Maybe I'll even let you suck some toes. This is your new reality dude. Accept it, bow down to me and kiss my barefeet."
    They all waited. Mike slowly sank to his knees and looked up at Chris. Past his strong legs, past his fat cock, past his washboard abs that he envied so much, and up into his buddy's eyes. There was silent understanding between them both. Chris owned Mike. Totally and completely. Chris grinned and Mike nodded. He knelt down once more and kissed his friend's manly alpha feet. While Mike kissed, Chris peeled the girls clothes from the wet, sticky bodies. He cupped Bridget's big tits in his strong hands firmly. She moaned as he fingered her. He went back and forth between the girls frenching both enthusiastically. All the while Mike plunged wet kiss after kiss on Chris barefeet. Chris picked up his foot, rubbed into Mike's face mockingly, and shoved him onto his back. He held his foot on his chest in triumph while he continued with Bridget. He picked up the tiny girl easily and sunk his cock into her roughly as she yelped and screamed. She came instantly. It poured out of her down her legs, off her cute feet, dripping off her toes onto her trapped bf below. She had never cum like that ever, and def not with Mike. She screamed at the top of her lungs til her pussy opened and Chris sunk it all the way in and she let out a deep gasp. She was having wave after wave of orgasms now. Chris taunted his friend. "See that? She loves it! She loves my fat cock! Look at her! She didn't do this in the video, huh, Mike?!" He prompted the others in to. Them all taking turns insulting Mike while he watched helpless from the floor, trapped under Chris dominant foot. He especially got Bridget into it. Getting her say whose dick she liked better and who she belonged to. "I'm yours Chris. My pussy is yours now! I'll never go back to that skinny dick. Stretch my pussy out, ruin me for him. Stretch me out for Mike!" Chris loved it but wanted to punish his buddy more. Once again he attacked his buddy's weak spot.,
    "What about your sexy toes?"
    "Theyre yours. They belong to you now. I'll never let him have them!"
    Mike pleaded from the floor, "Baby no, please! Chris! Chris! Please, not her toes man, u promised. Her toes are mine!?"
    "Not anymore, bitch!" He grabbed Bridget under her knees and pinned her against the wall, keeping Mike under his foot. She raised her foot to his face. Her tiny soft pink barefeet. They really were veryy sexy. Chris was gonna learn to enjoy this act too from now on. He smiled down at his buddy and opened his mouth. Bridget gently placed her toes inside and he sucked away expertly. Bridget started convulsing with another orgasm as Chris pounded her pussy relentlessly and his tongue went wild on her once forbidden toes.
    Mike pleaded and begged from the floor. "Noo noo Chris, not her toes!" until Melissa her own toes into his mouth to shut him up. She giggled at his reaction, sliding his tongue all over her feet and toes. She repeatedly called him bitch and wimp, asking if he was jealous of her bf now?

    Chris carried Bridget to Mike's bed. There he punished the little girl's swollen pussy. Fucking her doggy in front of Mike while he kept up a constant flow of taunts at his friend. After another hour of trading off fucking one girl then the other, Chris was lying on his back being ridden ferociously by Bridget, who had finally adjusted to his massive width. And now was just on ecstasy. Mike was at the foot of the bed lapping away at Chris' feet and toes, whole Melissa knelt next to him whispering insults into his ear. Chris was close to coming finally. But he knew how he wanted to end it. One last final humiliation for his former rival. He sat at the edge of the bed in front of his kneeling friend. He pulled Bridget's feet onto his lap near his pulsating cock. He held cock firmly and stroked himself. He started sucking her toes in her bf's face. He asked. "You want her toes? You gotta beg me for them. Cmon buddy, beg me. Beg me for her yummy delicious toes."
    Mike was at his friend's mercy. He had been destroyed, humiliated beyond his worse nightmares. It couldn't get worse, he could sink no lower. He just wanted to taste his gf's toes one more time and he'd do anything to get it.
    "Please Chris! Anything! Let me suck toes! I'll do anythingggggg!!!!!" he yelled!
    "Anything?" Chris asked, holding his close to exploding cock right in front of Mike's face.
    Mike looked at the powerful organ and steeled himself. He had meant it. Anything. Even that. "Yes Chris!!! ANYTHING!!!!! ILL DO ITTT!!!!! LET ME SUCK MY GIRLFRIENDS TOES!!!!!!!!
    Chris laughed out loud, grabbed Mike by the hair with one hand, squeezed his dick hard and with Bridget's feet in his lap, he spewed a gallon of cum all over her tiny barefeet. It completely drenched her toes. Dripping all in between
    them. He looked Mike in the eyes one last time, registered his shock look and said, "I WIN BITCH!" and plunged Bridget's cum covered foot into his best friend's helpless mouth. Mike sucked the cum off her delicious toes and swallowed it down his worthless throat. He cleaned them completely with his tongue. Knowing this prob would be happening again.

    Just then the door burst wide open, as the dormmates stumbled in after hiding in the hallway watching in disbelief the events unfolding. The girls in their rushed excitement never closed the door properly and all the yelling and commotion had caused the other dormmates to congregate outside. Chris had finally beaten Mike. And they were glad his big mouth was shut. Or full if cum covered toes as it may be. But they were glad as they jeered Mike and applauded and cheered Chris. He stood up and yelled, still a bit drunkenly,

    "I WIN!"

    And he had. He had won the battle. The rivalry was over and Chris was king.

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