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    I'm condensing the hell out of this, rather than go on for a million words. I just discovered this group a few days ago, and, well, I have a few questions, and I hope the group is willing to enlighten me. I swear, I genuinely am wondering if I can get some answers on these things.

    About a year ago, I ran into a guy at a party who was an ex of a former boyfriend of mine. (He went out with "Jim" about four years before I did.)

    Jim was hung like a horse. Just, honest to god, one of the most perfect erections I've ever seen. Easily 9 inches. I had no idea until I actually saw him naked and erect. I couldn't believe it. I slept with him three times. With no hesitation, whatsoever, he was the lousiest lover I ever had. It was like he was speaking a foreign language. I couldn't believe it.

    And as I had the opportunity to pick the brains of one of Jim's exes, I couldn't pass it up. As neutrally as possible, I asked Jim's ex, "How was he in bed with you?" With no pause, Jim's ex described Jim as the worst lay of his life. Some of his criticisms were like he was reading my mind. I only slept with Jim a few times, but this guy slept with him many times. Apparently Jim has almost no sensation. And after a while, said the ex, it simply wasn't worth going through the effort any more.

    Now I'm sure some of the well-hung (let me be as tasteful as possible) climb onto your lovers and when you're done riding those lucky people, those lovers are almost unconscious and whispering over and over "Fantastic. Fantastic." The same thing goes for the ordinarily endowed men too though. Some are smoking hot lovers and some are just terrible.

    I guess this question's aimed at the partners: Do you think larger men fall into the same sort of bell curve (terrible at one end, fantastic at the other, most in the middle) as the ordinary sized? Or is it more like a double-hump (heh heh, I said hump), where there's a bunch of lousy lovers at one end, a bunch of fantastic lovers at the other and a small cluster of so-so average ones in the middle?

    And this one's for the lucky few. What of the sensitivity issue? Is an "I have almost no sensation" common? Perhaps it correlates to erect size versus non-erect size? Jim's non-erect penis looked quite ordinary. (It was like some magic trick watching him become erect.) Perhaps respondents could include the two sizes with their sensativity descriptions?

    Many thanks for any answers.
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