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    It was a hot Durban night, humid and sweaty. A few eyebrows rose as she walked into the bar but she did not come here for a fight. Prison time is not easy time for any one and she knew she was never going back. One thing she did know was that she needed to get fucked! Ten years is a long while to dream of cock, its smell its taste... and the texture of cum, God she was so hungry she could get covered head to toe and still want more. Ten years, she had developed a taste for pussy, and that one guard, well lets just say that it was good times when she came around to check the cell.

    But tonight she craves cock, and she would not stop until she had found a huge one, and had it fuck her over and over

    She may be an ex-convict but the training facility at the prison had kept her in good shape over the years, muscular and toned. Her top was wet with sweat and the chill of the air conditioner had made her long nipples push up through the shirt. Sitting at the bar a guy walks over ‘’buy you a drink’’, looking him up and down she answers ‘’let me see your cock’’, she unzips him her hand reaching into his pants, sinking to her knees she takes his cock out and looks, closes her eyes and sniffs deeply, ‘’ahhhhh’’ she moans, he is getting erect, she sucks his cock’s head into her mouth feeling her pussy flower open at the first taste of his precum.

    Just then she feels rough hands on her thighs sliding upward lifting her short skirt over her ass, and moving her g-string to the side, sending a trickle of her pussy juice down her leg. Suddenly she feels her pussy open up to its limit and she moans loudly “oh fuck….” as he slips in to her drenched opening, inch for inch his hands wrapped around her waist, pulling her closer. Her mouth tightly wrapped around the first mans cock, her teeth reminding him to move as she moves.

    Rhythm starts to build, stroke for stroke, she is trapped between two cocks, skewered. As the man behind slaps his balls onto her clit, her teeth drag up the shaft of the guy she is sucking, and as he pushes her away she moves forward the other cock driving deep into her throat. Amazingly she is getting wetter, her clit is swollen and her loins ablaze. At that moment the man who was being sucked erupts in her mouth, the salty sweetness, as his sperm covers her tongue, she is licking and swallowing. Turning her head around, a long trail of cum running down her chin that she hungrily scoops up with a small hand and laps up like a hungry pup. Looking him in the eye as she feels his cock pulsate deep inside her “I have found him”…
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