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A Short One Sided Dialogue

Discussion in 'Erotic Stories' started by gunz15, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. gunz15

    gunz15 Expert Member

    Nov 6, 2009
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    What’s that? I couldn’t hear you over the music. Yeah, GREAT party. It looks like Phil invited the whole campus! I can’t believe this many people could fit into his apartment at one time. How do you know Phil? His fraternity? Cool! Oh, he and I are were in the same dorm last year. Need a refill? C’mon, let’s go to the kitchen.

    Lemme have your cup. I’m Pat, by the way. What’s your name? Rod? Is that short for Rodney? Oh, just a nickname, OK. Here’s your beer. Sorry there is so much foam, this keg is just about empty. Guess everybody has been drinking pretty heavy tonight. Yeah, I’m buzzed too. You’re not driving, are you? Oh, Phil’s letting you crash in his guest room? Nice!

    Hmm? Oh, thanks, I like the way they look on me too. Your shorts are pretty cool, too. But they hang down way past your knees! Why are they so long? What? To cover your WHAT? Oh man, whatever! HOW big? In your dreams maybe, hehe! No, I do not want you to pull it out and show me right here in the kitchen.
    Let’s go back to the living room.

    God, this hallway is so crowded. LOOK OUT! Damn, didn’t even see her coming. Sorry Rod, she knocked the beer right out of my hand. Oh, no, you’re soaked! Yeah, I agree, you should clean that up or you’re gonna smell like beer all night. I think the bathroom is down this way . . . . Where are we going? Oh, you brought a change of clothes with you? That’s smart!

    I’ve never been in Phil’s guest room before. It’s nice! Want me to turn around while you change your shirt? Nah, it doesn’t matter to me. Man, looks like somebody has been working on his abs. Hmm? Oh thanks, yeah, I make it to the fitness center a few times a week. I’m surprised I haven’t seen you there before.
    There, that looks better. Too bad the beer got all over your shorts as well. You’re gonna change those too? Um, ok, lemme turn around then. No, no, I’m not scared, I’m just not comfortable watching a guy I just met dropping his . . . .

    HOLY SHIT! What the hell is that? I KNOW it’s your dick. No, it’s not the first one I’ve seen. But it’s so . . . so . . . big! No, I’m not staring at it, it just . . . surprised me, that’s all. I can’t believe it . . . . Hey, what are you doing? You don’t have to come any closer, I can see it fine from there. No, I’m not nervous. Anyway, listen, I better go, I’m with some friends, they’re probably looking for me right now.

    Don’t be gross! I don’t want to see you playing with yourself! I don’t care how much bigger it gets . . . HOW much? That’s impossible! I can see it growing, but it can’t get that big. Wow, the head looks so huge and, and red . . . I’ve never seen a dick like that in real life before, you ought to be doing porn.

    My god, does it ever stop? That’s got to be at least nine inches long. What do you mean, it’s not hard yet? You’ve got another two inches to go? Bullshit! No, I’m fine, it’s just a little hot in here and the beer is kicking in. You’re right, maybe I better sit down on the bed.

    What? No, I DO NOT want to touch it. Get away! I don’t want that thing so close to me. Are you sure it’s not hard? It looks pretty hard to me. No, I’m not afraid, I just don’t want to touch it. Very funny! I’m sure I could get my hand all the way around it. You dare me? What is this, elementary school? No, I’m not chicken. Look, ok, I’ll do it, but then I have to go, OK? My friends are looking for me by now, I’m sure.

    Jesus! Your cock is so hot! It’s practically burning my hand. What? No, I’m not stroking it, I’m just, uh, showing you that I can get my hand around it, that’s all. OK, maybe not all the way around it, is it getting bigger? Holy crap, it is! When is it gonna stop growing?! When I do WHAT? No, there is no way I am gonna put this in my mouth. I’m just not.

    I don’t care that you are all horned up now. I just met you! I don’t make a habit of putting eleven inch cocks in my mouth. Suck it yourself, it’s big enough! You can? Don’t bullshit me. OK, smartass, let’s see it. Sit next to me on the bed and do it. What’s the prize? What do you want? Um, no, I don’t think so. No, I still don’t think you can do it. NO, I’m not chicken . . . . OK, FINE! If you can suck it, so can I. But there’s no way that you . . . OH MY FUCKING GOD, you did it! How did you get that big head in your mouth? Practice?!

    OK, yeah, a bet’s a bet. No, I’m not gonna back out. Just let me get ready. You’re gonna sit right there on the side of the bed? OK, lemme get down on my knees in front of you. Um, ok, uh, . . . no, I’m not stalling! I just don’t know how to get started. Use my tongue? Ok, here goes . . . llllhhhh, mmllllh, mmmmmhhhhlllllh, uh, uh, how was that? Heh, yeah, I get told that a lot. Oral sex has always been my specialty, hehe. What? No, I wasn’t grabbing my crotch. Playing with myself? No way, it’s just that these jeans are kinda tight and were getting bunched up.

    Take them off? No way, that’s not gonna happen . . . well, OK, but just for a minute . . . I really have to find my friends . . . .

    Yeah, it does feel better. Where were we? Oh yeah, I didn’t finish my part of the bet. Yeah, I can take the head in my mouth. It’s not THAT big. Oh yeah? I’ll show you . . . . mmmmmmlllllloooouuuuggghhhh, mmmmlllouuuggggg, MMMMMOOLLUUGGGG, MMMMMUUUGGGGGGG . . . WATCH IT! ARE YOU trying to choke me to death? I said I would suck it, not deep throat it! What’s the idea of holding my head down? What am I, your bitch?

    No, I WASN’T playing with myself. No, I don’t know why my underwear is wet then. But I was not playing with myself. I was too busy trying not to choke on that monster cock of yours! No, I’m not still jacking you off! I’m just trying to keep you from shoving it down my throat again.

    YOU WANT TO WHAT??!!! No way, no way am I gonna let you stick that log up my ass. Bullshit, it would not feel good! And I’ve never had unprotected sex before, and I’m not gonna start now. What? You brought condoms and lube? I’m surprised you could even find a condom that would fit that monster. No, I don’t want to see a condom that big . . . well, maybe . . . Holy crap, that thing is huge. It must be two inches in diameter. Wow, look at it slide down your cock . . . it looks snug, even though it’s so big . . . . now I know why they call you “Rod.”

    Hmm? Oh, yeah, my underwear was getting hot, so I slipped it off . . . now look, there is no way I am gonna let you fuck me, this is just too weird. I’ve never been fucked up the ass before, and I don’t intend to start now. Maybe, MAYBE you can rub it against me, that would feel good, maybe.

    OK, shit, let’s do it. Lemme get on my hands and knees in front of you. NO FUCKING, got it? Just slide that dick up and down my ass crack, ok? Mmmm, yeah, that feels nice. Thanks, yeah, those leg squats are great for toning. Hmmm, good . . . yeah, put some lube on it, it will slide better.

    Oooh, careful! That stuff is cold right out of the bottle. That’s better, it’s warmer now. Oooh, yeah, that finger feels good, really good. OK, maybe a little deeper now. OOF, two fingers? That’s stretching me good. Three? I don’t know, that might be too mu . . . OOOW, man, that feels intense! Yeah, weird, but good, really good . . . back and forth, back and forth, back and forth . . .

    Hey! How come you stopped? Get that monster away from my asshole, I told you, no way will that thing fit. OOOOOWWWW! MOTHER FUCKER! I TOLD YOU NO FUCKING! Get your cock out right now. I don’t care if you got the whole head in, get it out! What do you mean, it’s stuck? Yeah, no wonder my ass tightened up, it’s got a MOTHERFUCKING train inside it!

    OK, OK, I’m relaxed, I’m calm. Just get that thing out of there. How can it be stuck? Just move it around a little bit. I can’t believe I’m on a bed at a party with a guy’s cock up my ass that I just met!

    It’s still stuck? Well, move it back and forth again. Build up some momentum, that should get it out. OK, I’ll try to relax some more . . . ooh, ok, that feels weird. Yeah, I’m ok. Go a little faster, OK? Yeah, that’s it . . . it’s starting to move some more . . . starting to feel a little looser . . . better . . . more intense …. ohhh, yeah.

    What? Yeah, I’m ok . . . really ok . . . hmm? What if I am? Playing with myself at least distracts me from having that pile driver halfway up my ass! Well, yeah, it does feel good . . . . Don’t get me wrong, I want you to take it out . . . soon . . .
    Why are you gripping my waist so hard? Leverage? Yeah, ok . . no, don’t stop . . . keep going . . . that’s it, back and forth . . . it will be out soon. No, I’m not flexing my ass . . . why would I want to make it tighter? I’m trying to help you get it out faster, that’s all.

    Oooh, wow, that feels amazing . . . never felt anything like this before. How much is in me? 7 inches? Try going a little deeper, maybe it will help get you off, I mean, get your cock out. That’s it, that’s it baby, come on, come on, you can do it!

    Don’t stop now, you’ve got a good rhythm going . . . don’t stop, c’mon, deeper, deeper, faster, FASTER! Ooof! What was that? I just felt something . . . amazing! Keep going, yeah, that’s it, don’t stop, I feel you inside me, getting bigger, harder . . .

    You’re close, aren’t you? You’re gonna fill my ass with your big load, aren’t you? Yeah, wow, I never thought I would like ass sex, but I’m almost ready to come too. Your big cock has my ass on fire!

    C’mon, c’mon, give it to me, give it all to me! Make me come, you big stud! That’s it, that’s it, I’m almost there, almost . . . almost . . . ready . . .READY . . . ALLLMMMOOOSTTT . . . UGGGH, SHIT, SHIT, YEAH, SHIT, CAN’T BELIEVE IT, MY whole body is vibrating! YES, YES! Plug my hole!!!!!!! UUUGGHHGGHHGH!

    Oh . . . my . . . god. That was amazing. Careful with that condom, looks like you came at least a cup! Wow, even soft, your cock is huge. Guess we better get back to the party. I need a beer. And find those friends of mine! Oh, hey, can I get your number?

    The End

    Out of curiosity, was Pat a man or a woman? And does it matter?
  2. hyphap

    Gold Member Verified

    Aug 6, 2008
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    I can't believe I'm the first one to say this, but that was great. A witty, hot take on a familiar scenario, that was always fun and arousing to read. And imagining Rod with your body was nice too.
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