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    just a small story that certain people here will get better then others (you know who you are)

    very loosly based on non-fictional events

    Please forgive my poor writing been years since i wrote a story like this :redface:
    oh also I wouldnt pass a breathaliser right now :eek:

    "Get the door for me sis" yelled Mikayla down the hall as she checked on her roast potatoes
    Mikayla had been looking forward to this night for ages and had left everything to the last minute, so was in a panic running from side to side of the kitchen

    "Hey sexy, what ya cooking?" Dean said standing in the kitchen doorway, looking very relaxed in his tight jeans and shirt
    "Babe can you hold on for a bit, I wanna make this perfect okay" sounding a little angry from the heat of the kitchen Mikayla gives Dean a peck on the cheek then slaps his other cheek "get your ass on the sofa will ya"

    "Wow Dean have you been working out ? your arms so mmmmm" Kate was all over Him on the Sofa and what she was wearing was very tight, much like Deans buldge revealing oufit.
    "Well just keeping in shape you know" Dean shifts in his seat to make his buldge a little less revealed "Mikayla told me you were out tonight with Mark"
    "His names Matt and well he's running late or something" Kate slides his hand along Deans arm
    "Hows it going in there babe, it sure smells good. sure you dont want a hand?"
    Dean yelled down the hall trying to look like he wasnt enjoying Kates fondling

    "Five minutes hun, dishing it up now" Mikayla calls back down the hall "Hope Kates not giving you any trouble"
    "No trouble" Dean replies as he squirms, feeling lucky the Kitchens so far away

    "Ive got it" screams Mikayla
    "Hey its Matt, Tell Kate i cant do tonight, Bye" CLICK
    "Well, that was short lived" said Mikayla aloud to herself
    "Hey Mik, who's on the phone" Kate called down the hall
    "Wrong number" Replied Mikayla, lying to her sis but knowing she had to get Dean alone tonight before he shipped out tomorrow

    -------------------------------------------- to be continued
    any feedback/ critisism would be appreciated
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    As an intro it's great but hurry along to something meaty! Drunken style is good, btw - never stopped Hemingway and many others!
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