A Silver Belt Buckle

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    This fiction story listed as written by me and should be read in the following order. I have written too much to post it all together so will add it on as chapters with the same title chapters 1,2,3 etc; I appreciate any and all feedback. Please let me know if you would like the story to continue as it ventures off in another direction.

    Cowboy Strut Ur Stuff
    Creatures of the night
    Moonlight Shines Bright
    A Silver Belt Buckle

    A Silver Belt Buckle (Chapter One)

    Light from the full moon flickered like a candle from the round silver belt buckle. Standing confidently the handsome cowboy reached out with his clenched fist and knocked on the door. Turning around he leaned into the porch post.

    “Let me give him a good view of my backside. I bet that will make his cock stiff”

    Cody impatiently shuffled his feet as he waited for Scott to come to the door.
    Cody worked on the neighboring ranch and stumbled onto Scott’s property looking for lost cattle. Slipping away from the bunkhouse when all became quite during the night. Cody didn’t even put his boots on until he reached the coral.

    Grasping the horse’s mane he pulled himself up effortlessly onto his back. Riding bareback he jogged the big bay roan Quarter Horse in the direction of the neighbor’s farm. Reaching the fence line that separated the neighbor’s property he safely secured his horse. Cody pushed the barbwire down and straddled the fence being careful not to snag his wranglers jeans on the barbs. Cody carefully and quietly walked to Scott’s farmhouse thinking the entire time to him.

    “Damn I am so fucking horny. I can’t wait to go at it again with Scott. The boss will not have to come looking for me now and spoil the moment

    Remembering an earlier conversation Scott told him he had never done anything with a man.

    “I hope he hasn’t change his mind and still wants to experiment further. I know he want fucked on a regular basis if he goes through with it.”

    Slipping away so suddenly so as not to get caught. Cody didn’t get to tell Scott he would come back.

    “It will just be my luck that he will not want to do anything. But if he does I am going to tear that sweet virgin ass up. God…I bet he is going to be a great fuck.”

    So far the men enjoyed mind-blowing blowjobs between one another.

    “Who would of thought I would of found someone like him almost in my back yard.”Cody shook his head almost in disbelief.

    Everything going well until the boss man showed up. Cody could tell Scott wanted to further their encounter.

    “I got just the fix for him” Cody squeezed his stiff cock through his jeans.

    “ I am just the man to get the job done too.”

    Reaching outlaying building surrounding the farmhouse Cody paused beside a tree thinking carefully about what he should do next. Quietly he crept into Scott’s yard to set his mission into motion. Cody darted behind the closest shed to begin the next strategy of his plan.

    Cody always horny as hell, stripped down totally behind the shed taking everything off. Clothes flung in the air by the strong arms of the Cowboy landed in a heap near his boots. Now totally naked Cody began placing select article back on. Picking the white Stetson Cowboy hat up he placed it on his head. Grabbing his well-used tan leather chaps carefully buckling them into place. Wrapping and securing his silver buckle around his waist.

    Cody won that buckle by riding the meanest ornery bull at a local rodeo. Hurricane a fitting name for the rodeo bull came out spinning. Hurricane gradually worked his self up into a full-blown storm as he twisted and jumped across the arena. Not many Cowboys managed to complete a ride on him but Cody did. Cody considering the buckle a prized possession, he proudly wore it everywhere. Cody chuckled to himself as he thought about the bull he hoped he would be riding tonight.

    “There would be no eight second ride tonight that’s going to be certain. I am going to ride his ass all night long.”

    Bending down he pulled on his scuffed up boots.

    “There I am ready. Going to get me a nice piece of ass tonight.”

    Cody set his next plan into motion and that was to surprise Scott at the door with almost nothing on.

    “He will have the shit shocked out of him at first but he is a horny cock sucker he will invite me in.”

    Cody knew how much of a hot hunk he became as he matured into a man. Very early on he attracted attention from both men and women. Women first followed by a sexual encounter with another man. One drunken night at an out of town rodeo Cody experienced his first sexual encounter with another Cowboy. That encounter easily turned him onto a bi-sexual life-style.

    Using his good looks so shameless to bed man or woman. Sometimes both the same time if he was lucky enough. These encounters worked for his ravishing sex-drive. Tonight Cody would focus on Scott.

    ‘Damn he is going to be surprised. I cannot wait to fuck his brains out”.

    Cody’s eyes lit up with pleasure as the sex scenes romped through his mind.

    “ I am going to throw his legs up on my shoulders sink my cock deep and pound his tight ass hard.”

    Thrusting his hips into action he appeared to be fucking the air. Cody’s cock and nuts smacking out a rhythm against his skin. Cody loved the very sound of it. Stopping at a few thrust Cody’s cock began to let down and fill out like a true stallion. Grabbing his thick meat Cody smiled as he shook his un-cut cock out in anticipation.
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    A Silver Belt Buckle (Chapter 2)
    "Damn what the fuck is taking so long?"
    As he pounded the door this time with a little more force.
    Turning to look out across the property Cody’s could see no sign of movement anywhere.
    "I wonder where he could be?"
    Impatiently he turned around facing the front door.
    "Where the fuck is he?"
    Pressing his face to the screen he yelled
    "Hey Scott are you in there man?"
    Cody listened and watched for any sign of Scott’s where a bout’s. Pacing back and forth his boots landing heavily with each step on the wooden porch floor.
    "Shit I can’t stay her all night."
    Returning to the porch post he placed his shoulder against the post leaning onto it for support. Looking down at his boots his head bent in deep thought trying to figure out what he should do next?
    Scott was at the river treading carefully out of the water. Pausing while shaking his head back and forth. Water droplets flew from the ends of his hair. Droplets highlighted by the light of the moon shined for a moment until they disappeared back into the water.
    Stopping to listen to the sounds of the river.
    " Now this is what I call living."
    Scott loved his time skinny-dipping. Especially on a hot evening
    "It’s going to be miserable one tonight."
    Feeling recovered and relaxed from the freedom of being totally naked in the water. Toweling off his toned body he moved the towel to his hair. Scott threw the blue towel over his shoulder pushed his bare feet in sandals walking nude to his house.
    Closing his eyes and opening them he continued to blink.
    What the?" His mouth dropped open.
    Focusing on his front porch
    "Well damn…" he said. " How in the hell did he know he could make another one of my fantasies come true?"
    Motionless he remained just standing his hungry eyes gazed over a hunky nearly nude Cowboy standing on his porch. Scott wanting to commit to memory every detail he could.
    "Damn…he’s so shameless but good-looks damn he has them. Yes he sure does have them in every way."
    Moonlight highlighted the Cowboys graceful yet strong body. Light shimmered over the contoured landscape of muscle. Creating shadows in lower contoured part of his muscles. Highlighting the peaks of bulging muscle perfectly even his package. Hard work over time made the Cowboys body very solid itself. Strong large calves emerged out of the cowboys boots followed by substantial muscular thighs.
    Moving up Cody’s tight white-bubbled ass cheeks shined intensely being framed perfectly by the leather chaps. Hair traced lightly emerging partially from the cheeks of his ass.
    "I bet that’s a sweet tasting ass." Scott’s Adam Apple moved up and then down as he slowly swallowed.
    Following his gaze up from the slim hips to the sun tanned portion of Cody’s upper body. A tight waist emerged from the hips Scott lingered looking just for a moment at the waist before moving on looking at the perfect V made by his widened strong back. Cody’s back, rippled with waves of muscle especially when the Cowboy moved about.
    "Maybe tonight is going to feel right after all."
    With the thoughts running through his mind at that very moment Scott shuddered with excitement.
    A lonesome coyote howled for his pack. Coyotes out for their nightly prowl answered the lonesome coyote. It sounded like there were hundred of them howling off in the distance. This caused the young Cowboy to turn to that direction. That is when Cody seen Scott standing just in the shadows of the tree line.
    " Well if I had known you had your ass down at the river skinny dipping. I sure would have joined you."
    Scott laughing replied, "Well if I had of known would be here tonight. Damn sure would have stayed home and waited." someone knocking on my door looking like you "
    "Damn you look so, fucking hot dressed like that. Turn around now slowly please let me take in another look."
    Turning around slowly Cody began to sway his hips back and forth and dipped seductively downward then up. Standing to attention one fine hard cock.
    " You like what you see here don’t you?"
    "What you can look at me and ask that?"
    Scott replied.
    "Why don’t we just take it inside and let that boner you have tell me."
    Grinning Cody tipped his hat flashing his irresistible smile at Scott.
    Scott moving upon the porch ran his hands down Cody’s back to the round smooth ass checks. Rubbing them softly before he firmly squeezed them. Cody leaned into Scott enjoying the hands as he gently moved a finger slightly between the two cheeks. The two stood on the porch running their hands over each other’s bodies. Cody began to nibble on the lobe of Scott’s ear running his tongue inside the ear. Scott responded to the hot moist tongue by pulling away just a little as he moved his shoulder shrugging upward. The sensation of the hot tongue in his ear sent a wave of goose bumps over his body. Smiling Scott pressed his body even closer to Cody’s. Pressing hard to his chest now Scott nibbled playfully on Cody’s neck.
    "Fuck lets take this inside Scott."
    " I can’t take this any longer either Cowboy lets go.
    A deep breath labored from Cody as he pulled the screen door open. Slightly putting his boot in the door he kicked the door on open. Pausing in a heated moment just inside the door. Grinding their firm bodies sandwiched between them their engorge cocks sword like pressed against their stomachs. Eventually grasping the others firm cock in their hand. Scott pushed Cody on into the room. Grabbing his Cowboy by his cock and nuts. Smiling devilishly at Cody leading him down the hall. Scott cupped a firm hard cock and nuts of the Cowboy in the palm of his hand. Offering no struggle Cowboy obediently followed Scott down the hall.
    "You sure break to lead easy you hunky stud colt," Smiling his eyes sparked with satisfaction.
    "Your going to find out just how much of a stud I really am."
    Cody whispered in a low husky voice even more labored than before.
    "Lets see if you can perform as much as you boast."
    "Lets just say the coyotes will not be the only thing howling around here tonight."
    Scott couldn’t help but laugh at that remark.
    "What?" Cody grinned.
    "Don’t think I can get the job done do you? You’ll see soon enough Mister."
    Cody joined in on the laughing as he pushed Scott down onto the bed. Sweat glistened over their bodies as the two continued making out on that very hot night.
    Hold on… Cowboy lets take this to the shower." "
    Moving off of the bed and onto their feet both men facing each other.
    "Let me help you get ready for the shower."
    Scott tugging on the big silver belt buckle pulled the leather belt from around the waist of Cody. Grabbing Scott’s hand Cody took the buckle into his own hand. Scott’s eyes locked intensely into the Cowboys blue eyes. Not even blinking the two gazed back into the eyes of each other. Cody blindly somehow draped the belt and buckle over the woodenhead board on Scott’s bed. Scott fumbled clumsy with the small buckles on the leather chaps eventually releasing the chaps fell to the floor.
    Cody stood with nothing on but his scuffed up Cowboy boots. His cock jutted straight out from his body.
    " Wow how hot is this?"
    Scott moved closer to Cody’s body begin to grind and glide against each other sweaty bodies. Pushing away from the grind.
    "Come on, this way."
    Scott led Cody down the hall to the bathroom. Cody struggled moving his boots still on he needed to get them off. Eventually he managed to free the boots hobbling on one foot at a time. Suspended by what seemed a thread his boot struggled to come off. Cody shook his leg back and forth forceful sending each boot airborne. Each boot landed spinning skidding across the hardwood floor in no particular direction.
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    Steam from the shower bellowed over the top of the shower doors. Floating around the room steam easily created a dense fog. Beaded up moisture from the fog clung to the glass doors. Eventually becoming heavy enough starting voyage down the door.
    A hand appears unexpected on the glass door followed shortly with words of pure pleasure.
    “Oh…God you don’t know what…that…does to…me.”

    Two naked images could be seen in the shower but not clearly. One leaned back on the shower wall while the other knelt on his knees if front him. Standing up eventually taking hold of the others shoulders slowly turning him around.

    Gliding his hands over the muscular back he rested both hands on top of strong rounded shoulders. Squeezing gently giving a firm soothing massage. Stopping the massage wrapping his arms around a slim torso. Nibbling around on the neck pushing hisnaked body against the other.
    Gliding his hands slowly up tothehard firm pecks. Fondling the hardened nipples pinching them each lightly. Hands now journey downward across the fit stomach. Reaching his desired destination he grasps purposely squeezing the very large hard cock.

    The wide palm of his other hand tries to confine the low-hanging nuts but isn’t successful. Large nuts filled ready to bust escaped from the palm. Those large nuts now hung easily over the edges of his palm. Hands from the others man moves backward touching the hips then onto firm bubbled ass cheeks. Pulling his partners body inward towards his. A hard cock seen at first disappears out of sight. Pressed up flat against his partner ass cheeks.

    Standing together grinding bodies, pulsating water pounded against both. Water from the showerhead hit two solid firm bodies. Erotic sounds of pleasure emerging from the two men. Unspoken sound, sexually stimulating created a lustful desire between the two men. Heating up a stronger desire on that hot night.

    Eyes closed while a tongue moved like a piston of sorts, quickly darting with rhythm inside a perfectly tight clinched up hole. Swirling his tongue in a circular motion then back to darting relaxing his partner’s hole even more. Moving his ass eagerly backward to meet the tender touch of a soft hard working tongue. Sounds of pure erotic pleasure escaped from Cody’s mouth. Never before such pleasure experienced, so much so it became nearly impossible, to keep still from his very touch. Cody blindsided by Scott enjoyed every touch of his partners tongue.

    “I can’t believe I about to become a bottom. Damn…this is so… oh shit…”
    Inhaling a deep breath, as he tensed up from even more pleasure.
    Holding his breath. “Oh…Scott your…driving me….”Exhaling with these very words.

    Scott could read body language well not that he needed to Cody very readable. Touching Cody softly, giving light kisses all around his bubble ass cheeks. Listening to Cody as he kept being vocal about how he loved Scott’s tongue.
    “God…I am making his ass squirm.”
    “I want to fuck your ass now Cowboy.”

    Rolling Cody over he began to lightly run his fingers over his hairy chest moving down following a trail of hair to his navel and then moving back up. Scott wanted to rush things but knew if would not well if he did.

    “I want you to enjoy my firm hard cock deep inside you.”
    “ I don’t know how you could not enjoy fucking my tight ass.”
    Grabbing Scott’s arm he pulled hand away from his stomach.

    “ If we are going to talk you have got to stop what your doing with your hands. You are driving me crazy.”
    ” Scott how much do you think I can take? Start fucking me man.”
    “You aint never fucked a mans ass and if you want this one again you better make me want fucked again.”

    Scott grinned going back to running his fingers lightly over Cody.

    “Cody you are going to like my cock up your ass so much you will be screaming for me not to stop pounding it.”
    “Driving you crazy am I?”
    “Rimming my ass like you did earlier, fuck I didn’t know what I have been missing out on.
    Anyone tell you this? You have a talented wicked tongue and you know how to use it Scott.”

    “Yeah I could tell you were enjoying my tongue.”Scott flicking his tongue back and forth then smiling.”

    Scott moved around on his knees to Cody’s ass. Running his hands over the firm smooth Cowboy ass. Smacking it firmly then quickly reaching through the back of Cody’s legs to his nuts squeezing them gently. Cody lowered himself for a doggy style fuck.
    Working himself into position behind Cody he relaxed just pressing himself against Cody’s body.
    “God…What are you waiting on?”Cody could feel Scott’s hard cock, thick with length, a cut mushroom head against his ass.
    “Damn I want you in me?”

    Cody positioned himself further down even more, face down onto the bed with his ass sticking upward.
    Scott ran his hands along the inside of Cody’s legs. Grasping Cody’s cock he griped and gently pumped back and forth. Lowering his face to Cody’s ass he began to work gently kissing the center of Cody’s ass then probing him with his tongue.
    “Yes, finally you are loosening up even more now.”
    Reaching for the lube Scott squeezed allowing lube to emerge out between the cheeks of Cody’s ass. Running fingers through thick gel lube he started working one finger inside then held his finger still. Cody clamped down on the finger and squeezed flexing several times with his sphincter muscles.
    “Wow you are going to be a good fuck.”
    He began to move his finger in and out of Cody adding the second and third finger.
    “Scott I want you to fuck me now PLEASE”
    Getting into position Scott ran his mushroom head between Cody’s ass cheeks. Playing now he smeared the gel with his cock. Scott ran his cock all over the backside of Cody.
    “Quit fucking teasing me. I want that cock inside me now.”

    Scott laughed“Damn Cody you want this bad boy don’t you? You want me to fuck your ass hard don’t you?”

    “Fucking tear my ass up man fuck me in every position but FUCK ME NOW!”

    Pushing his mushroom head up to the opening of Cody. Working the tip of his cock slowly in Cody tensed up.

    “Wait, don’t move…oh God.”Dropping his head downward he just waited.
    “Ok go a little deeper now.”
    Scott gently pushed just a little deeper and then pulled back.
    Gripping Cody’s hips he began to thrust with his own. Rocking back and forth short thrust eventually working into a full thrust varying the angle of his cock, moving deep and then shallow he pulled one of his legs up into a knee position and started to pump Cody’s ass slowly gradually building his thrusting speed.

    Codybegan to thrust backward meeting Scott’s together they worked. Reaching around Scott grabbed Cody’s hard cock and pumped it several times.

    A whistling noise came from Scott as he moved his head backward both hands now gripping Cody’s hips.
    He yelled.
    Picking up momentum slamming himself loudly against Cody’s ass much like his tongue earlier, piston like with rhythm.
    Cody began to call out.

    “Oh Fuck”his body tensing up pulling his head upward he spotted his silver buckle swaying back and forth on the head board keeping time now with every thrust Scott pumped.

    Scott balls began to tighten up. Scott’s nuts neared a bust. Gripping Cody’s hips tighter he pulled his hips hard against Cody. Scott shook, rocking from side to side penetrating as deep as he could his orgasm so strong no other greater pleasure experienced.
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    Chapter 4

    Two bodies lay relaxing closely touching the others on the white sheets of Scott’s bed. Moonlight filtering in poured a gentle light over their two bodies. Their chest moved up and down with gentle rhythm this became the only movement coming from the once motion filled bed.

    Sitting on the nightstand working perpetually away a rotary fan with its blades blurred from spinning. Humming from the motor with the wind created by the silver blades orchestrated a summer symphony in conjunction with the crickets. You could not see the little black crickets but you could hear them. Rubbing their legs together like a violin male crickets called earnestly for their mate.

    “Wow do you hear that Scott?”

    “ Yes, so peaceful sounding don’t you think?”

    “Could lay here all night."

    “Why don’t you?”

    “I think I will.”


    Sitting up he propped himself up with his elbow viewing the backside of Scott.

    “ Scott I am going to have to get back to the ranch.”
    “ I am going to have to get going now.”
    “Right now?"a question tone to Scots voice.

    “I need to be back in the bunkhouse before day break.”
    Scott shook his head understanding.
    Cody pulled his belt from the headboard. Carefully he removed the buckle from the belt.
    “What are you doing?”

    Thrusting his belt buckle into Scott’s hand.

    “What do you want me to do with this?” Scott looked confused.

    “Keep it you earned it.”
    “What do you mean earned it?"

    “The ride you gave tonight…well lets just say you gave a hell of a performance man.”
    “Yes sir a true pleasure. Thank you kind sir. I will frequent your door step often”

    Pushing the buckle back to Cody.

    “I can’t take that. I enjoyed your ass tonight. Believe me when I say that ride was good for me it was.”

    Pushing the buckle back and forth between each other Scott finally agreed.

    “OK, OK, I’ll keep it.

    Placing the belt buckle down on the oak dressers top near his door.”
    Cody followed Scott’s hand while he placed the buckle onto dresser top just in front of a picture.

    “Who’s this?”Cody spoke as he picked up the framed photo.

    “My daughter.”Scott replied.

    “Wow she is really beautiful.”

    Cody lingered starring at the picture before placing it back down on the dresser. His eyes lit up his expression one of desire.

    “Oh man she’s gorgeous.”
    Scott noticed the lingering time Cody took to look the photo over.
    Clearing his throat“You better get going.”

    Scott reached for the photo and took it from Cody’s hands.
    “I’ll be seeing you sometime soon again?”Cody questioned Scott.

    “Yes, anytime you want Cowboy.”Scott reached over to Cody slapping him on the shoulder. Running his hand down the back of the Cowboy he stopped resting his hand on Cody’s firm ass. Cody turned looking at Scott.

    “Damn take your hand off my ass or we are going to have to go at it again.”
    “You’re a horny little fucker aren’t you?”
    “Yeah that’s good for you Mister.”Grinning a broad white smile at Scott.
    Cody exited through the door walking toward the fence line. Scott stood in the doorway.

    “Damn his walk is even hot. I do think he is moving just a little different.”A big broad grin spread across his face.

    Scott showered; now ready to start his day, walked to the door of his bedroom. On the way out he paused to pick up that framed photograph of his daughter. Scott’s expression softens as a smile spread across his face.
    Remembering Cody’s comment just before he left. Scott’s smile faded slowly away.

    “Cody’s right.”Inhaling deeply letting out a sigh.

    “Baby girl, you’re my pride and joy!” Placing the photo back onto the dresser.

    Closing his bedroom door Scott turned back taking a look at his bed remembering what took place there last night he smiled as he pulled the door closed.

    Dazzling from the sunlight the silver belt buckle appeared to glow. His daughters picture framed in an elegant frame held the stunning young lady’s photograph. A silver belt buckle, a picture of a beautiful young lady sitting near Cody’s silver belt buckle.

    Scott shook his head he wondered "Naw" Scott walked down the hall shaking his head in denial I don't think so.
    Pausing in the hall for a moment.
    "No he wouldn’t?"
    "Would he?"
    copy write by author
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    that was a hot read!

    will there be more chapters?
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    Thanks Prism, I left the story to where I could pick-up and go in any direction with it. It takes a lot of work to write but I enjoy it. Again Thanks for you comments.
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