A Stellar Fuck

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    Gary tilted the bottle of Stella back, letting a trickle of amber liquid pour into his mouth. He wiped his lips with the back of his hand and burped. I fought to keep a smile from playing across my lips, but caught the corners of his mouth twitching out of the corner of my eye. He chuckled, a low, hearty laugh that made my balls tremble.

    I laughed, swilling the liquid around in the bottom of my bottle before tilting it into my mouth. Gary put his bottle on his crotch and raised his eyes suggestively.
    'Yeah, you wish.' I grinned.
    'Don't need to wish for something I've already got.' He smiled back.
    'Sure.' I gulped back some more Stella and threw the bottle into a bush.

    We were sitting under a huge tree, in a clearing where the nettles had been trampled down by hundreds of teenagers. Used condoms littered the floor, mingling with shards of glass.

    'You don't believe me?' He raised his eyebrows, his voice heavy with a repressed laugh.
    'No.' I chuckled, nudging a sticky spot on the tree trunk next to me with a twig.

    Gary stood up and grabbed the waistband of his tracksuit bottoms. He raised his eyebrows again.
    'You wouldn't.' I rolled my eyes, pressing harder on the sticky spot.
    'Is that a dare?' He winked.
    'Fuck off.'

    He laughed, latched his eyes onto mine and tugged down his trackies, letting them pool around his off-white trainers. His cock sprang out, hanging limply in the warm summer air. It was soft, his foreskin rolled forwards.
    'That's not as big as the bottle.' I fixed my eyes on his, refusing to let him beat me.
    'Not yet.' He grinned, gently teasing it between his fingers.
    'Don't.' I whined, tearing my eyes from his before he realized exactly what was going through my mind. He knew me too well and I was scared he would notice the lust that I was trying to hide behind my eyes.
    'OK, sorry.' He pulled his trackies up and sat down heavily next to me.

    He ran his hand across the stubble that was sprouting across his chin. I watched enviously. The closest I had to facial hair was a thin line of bum fluff that ran across my upper lip.
    'Got any more Stella?' I asked. Gary pulled a face.
    'I hate that shit. Tastes of cat piss. Remind me to have a word with Tom.'

    Tom was the guy who got us alcohol, smokes and all that shit.
    'OK.' I leaned my head back on the tree trunk, looking up through the tree branches to see the sky. I closed my eyes and my mind instantly started racing.

    I rolled over and kissed Gary firmly on the lips, sliding my hands up his football shirt and stroking his nipples. Gary moaned and sank into my kiss, his hands pressing into my arse, stroking my crack, his warm tongue sliding into my mouth as my cock grew in my trackies-
    'Having a nice time there?'

    My eyes snapped open. Gary was looking pointedly at the rather obvious erection that was growing in my trackies.
    'Shit.' I flushed, drawing my knees up to my chest. Gary roared with laughter. 'Don't laugh, twat.' I grimaced, smacking him in the arm. He just laughed harder.

    The sight of his face lit up by a smile, his perfect teeth flashing between full, red lips didn't help my hard on. I felt it throb in my trackies and quickly grabbed it, twisting it upwards so it was held in place by the waistband. Note to self- next time I come out, remember underwear. Helps to keep my cock from standing up like a fucking flagpole.

    'Not a bad cock you've got there, mate.' Chuckled Gary, his eyes teasing me.
    'Thanks,' I blushed, 'I think.'
    'How big?'
    '8 inches.'

    Gary raised his eyebrows, nodded and looked at his own crotch.
    'And yours?' I sighed, asking the question he was practically begging me to ask. He flashed me a smile, confirming my theory.
    'Eleven.' He laughed. I let out a low whistle. He lapped up the attention.

    'You ever circle jerked?' He asked. I frowned.
    'Circle jerk?'
    'S'when you wank with a friend. Well, more than one usually but I dunno the word for just two people.'
    'Nah, I've never done that.' Holy shit, how had we moved onto this conversation? And more importantly, where was this conversation leading?
    'There's a first time for everything.' He winked.

    What the fuck? Was Gary suggesting we masturbated together? Now?
    'What the fuck?' I said. 'Are you suggesting we masturbate together? Now?' I tried my hardest to layer on the outrage, but all that came out was a sort of longing tone that lingered on all of the words.
    'Yes.' Gary nodded, his eyes still wary despite that fact that I'd quite clearly given away my enthusiasm for this idea.

    Gary pulled his top off, lying back against the tree trunk, his toned, rippling body already glistening with sweat. I did the same, exposing my slightly less muscular torso to the world.

    He pulled his trackies down to his knees, his hand moving to his flaccid cock. I hesitated, my eyes lingering on his penis for slightly longer than what could still be classified as a straight checking-out-what-he's-got glance, before sliding my thumbs underneath my waistband and pulling it down.

    Neither of up were wearing boxers, and my already stiff cock sprang out, slapping my stomach with a wet thud.

    Gary wrapped his fingers around his cock, his closed fist just fitting around the shaft. I looked directly at it -subtlety clearly not being my strong suit-, as it slowly started to swell. I bit back a moan as his hand slid up and down his cock, the veins moving beneath his fingers. His foreskin moved with his hand, rolling back to reveal his pink, spongy bell-end. The gentle taint of fish pierced the air and I inhaled softly, savoring the salty smell as it filled my nostrils.

    'You're not wanking.' Whispered Gary, biting his bottom lip. I glanced down to my hard cock, left unwanted and rejected next to the Adonis of a penis standing to attention next to it.
    'I'm tired.' I shrugged. What sort of excuse was that? I mean, seriously. Gary chuckled.
    'If you want, I could-' He looked at me, his left hand moving sideways and hovering above my crotch. My eyes screamed for him to go ahead, but I couldn't get my mouth to move.

    Gary read my expression and gently stroked the tip of my penis, sending a ripple of pleasure through my body. I shivered involuntarily, feeling every muscle in my body relax. Cautiously, Gary slid his fingers down my shaft, watching my face turn from relaxed to alert as his warm hand enveloped my cock. His thumb gently pulled back my foreskin, releasing a flood of pre-cum.
    'Sorry.' I murmured. Gary just smiled and put his sticky thumb into his mouth, closing his eyes as the taste of my lust filled his mouth.

    Gary's cock twitched, desperate for attention. I softly stroked his soaking bell-end and he choked back a gurgling moan. I hesitated.
    'Don't you dare stop.' He groaned, running his trembling fingers up and down my shaft. I wrapped my fingers tightly around his cock and started tugging it up and down, evoking gasps of ecstasy from Gary.

    After a few minutes, Gary rolled over, sandwiching our sopping cocks between our stomachs. He lunged forward, kissing my neck gently. His warm, soft lips sent shivers of pleasure shooting down my body. Our cocks wrestled silently between us, smearing both of our bodies with pre-cum. He slid down, grinding his hard stomach against my cock as he kissed my nipples.
    'I-I want to suck your cock.' I groaned.
    'Me too.' He admitted, glancing up at me.
    'Turn around.' I whispered. He did as I told him and I was presented with a glorious view of his arse.

    I grabbed his legs and pushed my head forward, my tongue burrowing between his tight arsecheeks. Gary gasped, throwing his head back as my tongue explored his warm, tight hole. I pulled my mouth away from his deliciously sweaty arsehole.
    'Suck me.' I growled, before plunging my tongue deep inside him.

    He groaned, tilting his head forward and catching my bell-end in his hot, wet mouth. My hand flew to his cock, gently tugging on it in time with the tongue plunges.

    His mouth slid up and down my cock, my bell-end buried in his throat. I felt my balls tighten and I spluttered out a warning before my hot, thick load shot down his throat. I squeezed on Gary's cock as I climaxed, and he responded by unloading all over my chest.

    Gary rolled off me, collapsing against the tree. I glanced at his discarded Stella bottle, then at his still hard cock. I made a few mental calculations, and then, with a tired smile playing across my lips-
    'There's no way your cock is bigger than that bottle.'
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    Oh my. My goodness my.

    You and Gary have made me feel quite happy! :smile:

    (and to think I only read this after having been impressed and happy with another of your stories. http://www.lpsg.org/287610-here-to-fix-your-pipes.html)

    You have a natural writing ability, easy to read and descriptive and most important it turns me on. Thanx for your contributing!!:smile:
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