A trip to Vegas

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    Envious: A Trip To Vegas

    I’d been trying to convince her for months but she could never quite
    pull the trigger. The idea excited her. I knew that because on those
    nights when she had a little too much to drink and we came home and
    got a bit frisky, I could really get her going by telling her I was
    thinking of her getting fucked by another guy. She’d turn her vibrator’s
    speed up and really grind it into her cunt and, as she got hotter,
    she’d shove it in her pussy as deep as it would go then bring it so
    that the tip just penetrated before shoving it back to the hilt again.
    It wouldn’t be long before she’d be moaning for her imaginary lover to
    fuck her harder and then she’d explode in a huge orgasm that shook her
    whole body. Still, we could never get beyond those fantasy sessions.
    That is until our trip to Vegas.

    We had been going about twice a year for the last few years. Usually
    just a long weekend to get away from work, and the kids and just the
    hustle and bustle of the usual day to day. Funny, cause we didn’t even
    gamble, beyond a few quarters in the slots when we were walking through
    the casino to go to dinner or a show.

    It was after one of those shows that my luck changed.

    We’d had a great evening. A wonderful meal at one of the exclusive
    restaurants in Bellagio, followed by an evening out to see Billy Joel
    and Elton John at the MGM. Kim had a few drinks with dinner, and by
    the time the concert started, she was pretty blitzed. She looked great
    too! A silky, silver button-up shirt and a hot leather skirt. Under
    that she wore fishnet pantyhose with no underwear and a push-up bra
    that really accentuated her still gorgeous tits. 40 years had done
    nothing to diminish her beauty. Yeah, neither of us was going to be a
    centerfold, but she still looked damn good to me and she still turned
    a few heads, although you couldn’t convince her of that. She was always
    way too insecure about her looks. But I knew, and that night, I think
    she did too!

    I knew something was up when we went to get her another Margarita and
    her shirt was unbuttoned to well below her bra. I don’t think she did
    it on purpose, but when, in a stunned voice I told her, she didn’t mind.
    In fact, I think she kind of enjoyed the wide-eyed look of the young
    man serving her drink!

    All during the show, she was turned on as much as I’d ever seen her.
    She’d lean over and put her tongue in my ear and let my hands roam
    wherever they desired. And roam they did! Right up under the leather
    skirt to where her pussy had soaked the crotch of her hose. The good
    news was that I wasn’t the only one to notice. Just across the aisle
    from us was a guy I guessed was probably in his 30's. Clearly a few
    years younger than us. Dark complected, just like she liked them. Her
    fantasy lovers were always some Hispanic movie star or ballplayer. He
    missed as much of Billy and Elton as I did, but the growing bulge in
    his pants said he was enjoying the show anyway!!

    I’m not sure when Kim noticed but at one point when she leaned over to
    my ear, instead of a wet kiss, she whispered that she thought we had a
    new friend, an obvious reference to our now clearly aroused observer.
    When I asked what she wanted to do about it, she told me to sit tight,
    and she was up and gone before I could ask where.

    When our "friend" stole a furtive glance my way, I smiled and nodded

    "One hot lady you got there", he said.

    " She certainly is tonight. Almost more than I can handle!"

    This brought a smile and a raised eyebrow from him.

    "Don’t go anywhere. " I suggested. "This could get interesting."

    It was about then that she returned and I noticed right away that the
    fishnets were gone!

    She bent down to kiss me, no doubt showing off at least part of her
    gorgeous ass to anyone looking. When she took her seat, I started to
    run my hand up her now bare leg, but she pushed it away and decidedly
    turned towards the anxious gaze of our voyeur friend. The hands that
    ran up her thighs were her own. His mouth dropped as she played with
    herself rather openly and quite obviously for his pleasure.

    After about 60 seconds of this, she leaned back to me and said, "Let’s
    get out of here." and she rose to leave. Our friend nearly tripped
    getting out of his seat to follow. We left the venue and headed towards
    the lobby elevators of the MGM, where we were staying. I turned and
    motioned for our new friend to catch up.

    "Can I buy you two a drink?", he inquired. "We’ll get room service!",
    was Kim’s immediate reply.

    Things moved quickly when we got to the room. Kim sat on the edge of
    the bed and pulled Geoffrey, as we learned was his name, over towards
    him. I was stunned as she began unbuckling his belt and fumbling with
    his zipper. I couldn’t believe that all my fantasies were finally
    coming true just a few feet from where I was standing, my jaw now open
    in amazement.

    When she pulled out his easily 8 inch cock and raised it to her open
    lips, I fell into the chair in the corner of the room, nearly short of
    breath from excitement. She always said she’d never sucked a cock
    except mine, but she greedily licked at this one, taking the head into
    her mouth after tonguing the undersurface excitedly. Seeing her cheeks
    puff out from it’s size was almost more than I could take. I quickly
    undid my own pants and began tugging at myself.

    Geoffrey reached out and cupped her breasts in his hands as she
    continued her up and down motions on his now fully stiff dick. She
    could always take most of my rather small dick into her throat but I
    never dreamed she could handle one this size. But handle it she did,
    taking it out of her mouth and running her parted lips up and down
    it’s shaft and then sinking her mouth over top of it and taking it in
    almost to his balls. It wasn’t long before he sighed loudly and filled
    her waiting mouth with his hot cum. She swallowed most of it but as she
    fell backwards onto the bed, a small trickle dribbled out the corner of
    her mouth and down her cheek,

    As she fell back, Geoffrey bent to his knees and raised her hips so he
    could push the leather skirt up past her hips, exposing her soaked
    center. Kim moaned loudly as his tongue lapped at her wetness. She
    raised her knees up to allow him greater access and his tongue darted
    in and out of her hole, flicking upwards to lick her swollen clit.

    I moved over to the bed and reached out to caress her breast which lay
    fully exposed from his earlier ministrations. I was stunned when she
    pushed me away and told me to go play with myself. I’d always told her
    I liked to watch and now she was seeing to it that I did just that!

    She grabbed at his head and pulled it into her crotch as she loudly had
    her first orgasm of the night.

    "I want you in me!", she gasped excitedly. Geoffrey’s once again hard
    cock bobbed upward as he pushed her up onto the bed fully and climbed
    on with her. She had by now removed both her blouse and the leather
    skirt which was crumpled at the foot of the bed. Her nipples strained
    firmly off of her sweaty breast and he sucked one into his mouth,
    nipping at the hard nipple with the edges of his teeth, causing a loud
    gasp from her lips. The thickness of the head of his cock grinded
    against her pubic hair as she spread her legs widely to accomodate him.
    I nearly came as his cockhead pushed against her pussies lips and
    disappeared into her.

    "Oh God, you feel so good!", she moaned as he buried the full length of
    his thick dick into her pussy. Her legs raised up and wrapped around his
    torso as he rocked in and out of her. It looked just like her with the
    dildo, all the way out, then all the way in, except this time it was the
    real thing. She raised her ass and hips off the bed to meet his thrusts
    and deepen his penetration and minutes later cried out with yet another
    orgasm, something she rarely was able to achieve with me.

    He pulled out and flipped her over, pulling her hips up into the air
    and exposing her beautiful, full ass to him. He entered her forcefully
    from behind and began pumping rapidly in and out of her. Each stroke was
    met with an audible grunt from Kim, who was quickly building to another
    fever pitch. This time when I approached she took my grateful cock into
    her mouth and sucked at it firmly. Within moments I was cumming in her
    mouth and moments later both of them did too.

    As we all collapsed onto the bed in exhaustion, I looked over at her
    smiling and contented face and knew that this was just the first of
    many nights of adventure to come.
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