A Weekend In Chicago

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    This is the first two companion stories.

    A Weekend In Chicago

    David had just finished his evening workout in preparation for a major swim meet in Chicago. It was an important competition that would affect his swimming career. He had just spent time in the whirlpool to relax his muscles, had showered, and was now dressing to go to the hotel that he had made reservations with for the weekend. He had yet to check in.

    David was a world class swimmer and was a spectacular athlete. He had a body designed for swimming—long, lean, three percent fat, tan, beautifully muscled, and almost hairless, not to mention that he was a strikingly handsome twenty four year old guy. He had recently started growing his chest hair in after meeting a guy named Zack online. Zack liked chest hair and David decided to start growing it in to please him. David had gotten to know Zack quite well online and had surprised and delighted Zack by sending him some erotic stories to interest him. Zack returned the compliment by sending David some intensely erotic stories that involved the two of them in hot sexual situations that always got David off. David would look for Zack online because he liked getting off with him, which he did quite often. Zack enjoyed taking care of David’s needs and had become quite fond of him. So he would often fill David’s requests for more stories between the two of them.

    David smiled as he thought of Zack. He missed him. He hadn’t heard from him in awhile after he had to say goodbye to fulfill the contractual obligations of his swimming sponsorship.

    He looked at the clock and saw that the pool would be closing in minutes, and the locker room shortly after.

    As he was dressing, a man walked in. He looked at him, and the man smiled back at him, but said nothing. He proceeded to a locker nearby. David was fascinated by the man: he had a winning smile, and had a youthful essence about him, even though he could have been aged anywhere from twenty-five to forty-five—he seemed ageless. As he removed his blue baseball cap, David noticed that his hair was starting to gray, but he had a full head of hair. As he started to undress, David couldn’t keep his eyes off him. After removing a dark blue sweatshirt, he took off a white t-shirt exposing a strong chest that was hair-covered, but not too much. David thought, “Nice! I’d like to run my hands through that. Wish mine was like that!” The man sat down and untied his tennis shoes and removed his socks. As he stood up, he began to unbuckle his belt and unzip his fly. There was a nice manly bulge protruding to the left. David just knew he had to look as the man slid down his jeans. David realized that the man was “going commando”—no underwear—as the man exposed a large, thick cock, that to David’s surprise, had a gold ring mid-shaft. David thought it looked great on the man, and the thought of it was starting to make him hard. Because the man saw he was hanging left, he grabbed his cock and stretched it so it was hanging straight down again. David was grateful that he had his tight briefs on because he was well on his way to springing a huge curved hardon that probably would not go down for a long time. He averted his eyes from Commando Man—David had just named him that for lack of a real name to call him—as Commando Man looked him square in the eyes, and said, “It’s OK, Kid. You can look at my cock all you want.” David blushed. Commando Man was fully nude now—all 6 foot three inches of him—and turned to face David square on displaying a swimmer’s build also. David was praying his underwear would hold before his cock exploded through the front.

    “Do you like it? It’s all right for you to look.”

    David stared at this great looking man and couldn’t stop. The man just smiled and laughed. David turned bright red. He was looking at the thick cock hanging from its ample pubic patch. The hair started at the man’s neck and went all the way down to his ankles. A great manly look.

    “It’s OK, Pal. I want you to look. There’s nothing wrong with it. Here let me turn around.”

    David checked out the man’s great physique: great wide shoulders, slim waist, nice firm ass, and that beautiful thick ringed cock. David stared at it again.

    “You’re looking at my cock!” he said in mock horror.

    Commando Man began to fondle it slowly in front of David. David could barely breathe he was so aroused. Commando Man grabbed David’s hand and placed it around his cock. David could not believe how firm and thick it was.

    “You do speak, right?” the man said and laughed.

    David stammered, letting go of Commando Man’s cock, and blurted out, “I really like that ring on your cock.”

    “Thanks. I do, too. Sometimes I wear more than one.”

    “Where did you get it. I’d like to try one. It really looks great on you.”

    “Would you like one?”

    “ . . . yes . . .”

    Commando Man reached in the locker and went into his pants pocket and pulled out a gleaming gold cock ring and showed it to David.

    “May I?”

    Totally naked, Commando Man moved toward David—his dick swinging pendulously—and began to unbuckle David’s belt. David did not move but let Commando Man do whatever he was going to do. Once loosened, Commando Man let David’s pants drop. Squatting with his legs open, Commando Man slowly rubbed the bulge of David’s tight white briefs, and then reached for the waistband and began to lower them. David was praying he wouldn’t get a hardon.

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    “Seeing as you got an eyeful of me, it’s only fair I get a mouthful of you.”

    Commando Man now had David’s briefs at his knees and had taken his finger and thumb holding David’s slightly swollen cock in between them to check for thickness and firmness.


    Commando Man gazed at the swimmer’s beautiful nine inch cock hanging from a thick patch of pubic hair.

    “I’m going to make your delicious cock a little more lubricated so I can slide this on easier. I think you’ll like this.”

    Commando Man, his cock still swinging freely between his legs, leaned forward grabbing David’s cock, and licked the head. David had never been with a man before and the sensation of a man’s tongue licking on his cock head was among the most erotic experiences he head ever had. Commando Man firmly grasped the base of David’s cock firmly and began to lick the entire length of the shaft lubricating it. David could barely stand.

    “I think that will do it.”

    David did not want him to stop as he began to imagine what he wanted Commando Man to do to him.

    Stretching David’s cock out, Commando Man licked the ring and began to slide it on to the cock head.

    “I see you are leaking pre-cum, Big Guy. It will help.”

    Commando Man took the pre-cum and spread it all over the head and the shaft, and then slid the ring fully on David’s cock. David could not believe how good it felt, and how good it looked on his cock. David almost lost a load when Commando Man leaned forward and licked the last drop of pre-cum oozing from his dick slit.


    David did not move as Commando Man pulled David’s briefs back up and took special care to place David’s cock inside. He reached down and pulled up David’s pants and buckled the belt.

    “There. I think you are good to go. Enjoy the ring. It’s yours.”

    Commando Man reached to the front of David’s pants and grasped him one more time by the package. Then put his hand out for David to shake.

    “Nice meeting you. Enjoy the ring.”

    David was speechless.

    With that Commando Man, grabbed a towel and headed for the showers. David watched the tall nude man until he was gone.

    When he was gone, he reached down and grabbed himself to feel the ring. David was suddenly fucking horny.

    David looked at the clock. Ten minutes to closing. The locker room was almost empty. Seeing a men’s room with a closed door, and so horny he could no longer hold back; he raced for the door, locking it behind him, ripping his pants and underwear down, and leaning against the wall with one hand and grabbing his swollen erection with the other, he began to furiously beat off. He barely got twenty strokes in before an explosive mass of cum began rising and swelling in his cock finally splattering the wall. He could not stop stroking even though cum was flying all over. When he was able to stop, he realized that his man jam was dripping down the wall, down his chest, abs, legs, and meshed in his pubic hair. What a spectacular mess!

    And yet, he was still erect. And throbbing. He noticed that his cock was engorged larger than usual because of the ring. He could not believe the powerful piece of meat he held in his hands, and how good it felt to be that swollen.

    David had fucked his first girl that year, but he never expected to feel this way over a man. He had been bi-curious for awhile but had never experienced it in the flesh. He had spent the end of the summer getting off with Zack and was relentless in his desire for time and stories with Zack. Commando Man sent him over the edge and they had barely done anything. All David could think of now was the tall cock-ringed man licking his dick, and wishing “online Zack” was one in the Zacke.

    As David thought about Commando Man, he wondered where he had gone. Coming out of the men’s room, he decided to put his suit back on and go take a cold shower to get his phallic swelling down. Holding his towel strategically over his cock, he headed toward the shower. Once in, he turned on a cold one and aimed it at his crotch. No one was around so he looked and saw that a door was slightly opened to the pool he had just gotten out of. He opened the door and looked in seeing that most of the lights were out, but there was enough light to see from the underwater lights that surrounded the pool. Right in he middle of the pool was a man swimming laps—nude. The tall lanky swimmer did a flip turn and was heading back towards David.

    It was Commando Man.

    As Commando Man came closer to the gutter, he stopped and stood up in the pool.

    “Hey, Kid. What are you doing in here?”

    David looked at the nude swimmer, his wet cock dripping above the water.

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    “I was in the shower and the door was open. I’m sorry. I’ll leave now.”

    “Hey, if you want to stay, you’re more than welcome. I should have remembered to lock the door. I have a friend who is the aquatic director here and he lets me come in and swim laps after hours. He knows I love to swim nude. He’ll back in about a half an hour. I’m sure he won’t mind if you stay.”

    Commando Man did an impressive fly stroke to the edge and got out of the water to go lock the door. David looked at the totally nude man walking freely around and had to put his towel in front of him again. He thought, “God, this man makes me fucking hot! I’d let him do anything to me right now.”

    Once locked in, Commando Man walked toward David. David watched his thick cock pendulously swinging still with the gold ring on it. Commando Man, totally aware of David’s gaze, extended his hand to greet him.

    “Nice to see you again, Pal. I thoroughly enjoyed our first meeting.”

    He laughed as David blushed again and looked down.

    “It’s OK. Really.”

    Commando Man put his hand on David’s shoulders reassuringly.

    “It’s OK.”

    David looked again at that thick wet cock, and wanted Commando Man all over him.

    “New experience for you? Never had another guy touch your cock before?”


    David was suddenly shaking from the experience.

    “I hope you are OK with me having done it to you.”



    David was silent. He didn’t know what to say or how to go on.

    “When you’re ready, Pal, we’ll talk. How about, for now, you swim laps with me. I need someone to pace me. Interested?”

    David instantly warmed to Commando Man. He was a nice guy who seemed to genuinely be concerned about him. He suddenly felt at ease with him.

    “Yes. I’d like that. Thanks.”

    “Come on.”

    The two men jumped in the pool and swam laps for about fifteen minutes. When they paused, David turned to Commando Man, and looked at him pensively.

    “You know I have never done this before.”

    Commando Man toyed with him gently, smiling slyly.

    “Swim laps?”

    “No!” said David incredulously.

    “What ever could you mean?” Commando Man continued.

    “Asshole! You know what I mean.”

    “Language! Well . . . no, I don’t. Tell me.”

    “You know!”


    “All right. I’ll say it. I’ve never had a man lick my cock.”

    “No, really?”

    Having had enough of Commando Man toying with him, David jumped on top of him wrapping his arms around him tightly and taking him down under water. Commando Man playfully struggled with him, laughing as he did so. Finally being allowed above water by David, he held on to him. David, still with his arms around Commando Man, realized that he was up against a man that he was finding more and more attractive by the minute. He also realized that he was getting rock hard again. David pulled away and turned.

    Commando Man came up behind David, and gently putting a hand on each shoulder, turned David around to face him. He saw that David was hard, and totally embarrassed.

    Softly he said,“It’s OK,” and wrapped his arms around David and hugged him. He stood there pressed against David, the swimmer with his massive hardon against his abs, in what seemed like the longest time gently cradling him in his arms. When he felt David began to relax, he put his hands on both of David’s shoulders and looked at him.

    “You OK? Do you think you’re ready to talk to me?”

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    David nodded.

    “Come on. We’ll go sit over by the edge.” David got out and sat on the edge, but Commando Man stayed in the pool in front of him. Commando Man could see that David was obviously still fully erect in that suit, and uncomfortable, and said, “Let me take care of this for you.” Commando Man rubbed his hand slowly and gently on the suit restricted cock. David watched as Commando Man gently untied his suit and began to lower it. David lifted up his hips so it would slide easily to his knees and then off. Once off, David was left nude with a spectacular erection.

    “That’s a beautiful hardon, my friend.”

    David smiled as he opened his legs for Commando Man.

    “You’ve never has sex with a man before?”


    “Would you like too?”

    David inhaled nervously and looked at Commando Man.



    “I would love to have sex with you. I want you to be my first.”

    Commando Man smiled.

    “May I?”

    David nodded.

    Commando Man moved in and started exploring David’s swollen erect cock. The handsome young swimmer was as hard and swollen as he could possibly be as Commando Man slowly and gently stroked his erection. David looked down in the water and noticed that Commando Man had begun to get hard as well. Commando Man leaned over and took the tip of his tongue and began to lick the head of David’s cock. David gasped as the hot tongue eagerly explored his glans and Commando Man grasped the firm shaft with his hand. Taking his tongue and slowly circling around that delicious flesh, the older man tasted the first drops of pre-cum oozing out of the swimmer’s cock slit. Licking the slit produced the most wonderful sensations for David. His head rocked back as he moaned in pleasure. Commando Man used his tongue to lick up the sides of the vein lined shaft, and then sucking in, slid up the sides again working the skin of David’s cock. Releasing, that curved cock, Commando Man licked from the balls to the head, swallowing the head every time he reached the top, sliding down with his mouth around it as far as he could take it in. He had David lay back and bring his knees up so that he could explore his balls and ass. Licking the lightly hair-covered balls, he took the time to envelop each ball in his mouth massaging each one generously with his tongue. He used his nose to toy with David’s balls as he licked the area between his balls and his ass smelling the strong manly scent of his manhood. Initially kissing and licking David’s ass cheeks, he took his hands and began to lick the pink hole of his ass, eventually using his tongue to invade the opening and to tongue fuck it. David was so horny he had started stroking his cock furiously while this was happening. Commando Man got out of the water, pressing his hardon against David’s back, and reached around removing David’s hand and replacing it with own.

    “Lean back and let me stroke you off. You’re the guest.”

    David thought he had died and gone to heaven as he laid against the chest of this hot man who was stroking his cock off like the pro he was. Commando Man spit on his hand and was aggressively sliding up and down the swollen shaft of the swimmer who was gasping and moaning with intense pleasure.

    “Rub me, man! That’s it. Yes! Finish me off! Fuck, you’re good! Faster! I’m going to shoot.”

    With that, Commando Man jumped in the pool just in time to wrap his mouth round David’s cock and deep throat him as the younger man shot a massive load into the back of his mouth. Commando Man kept sliding up and down that spasming hardon forcing every drop of cum out of the swimmer he could. David had never cum like this before and could not stop panting and gasping from pleasure. He felt he would never stop cumming in the man’s relentless mouth.

    Just then a door was heard closing. David heard it and pulled Commando Man off of him.

    “Someone’s coming,” he said quietly and panicked.

    “Besides you?” Commando said and laughed as he wiped cum off his mouth.

    “No, asshole, I heard a door.”

    “That’s my friend.”

    David grabbed his suit and was frantically sliding it up and on. He was still hard. Sensing the young man’s panic, Commando Man handed him a towel from the edge of the pool that he could put over his protuberance. Commando Man just laughed.

    “Calm down. It will be all right. There’s one more door he has to go through, and I have to unlock it. I have his keys.”

    By the time that door opened, Commando Man was no longer hard. He let his friend in and gestured toward David.

    “Meet my friend! He’s a great swimmer and was pacing me while you were gone.”

    “Nice to meet you.” Commando Man’s friend put his hand out to shake David’s who quickly exchanged hands with the towel to cover his erection that would not go away. Safely covered, he extended his hand.

    “You, too.”

    David needed to get out of there fast before he further embarrassed himself.

    “I have to get going. I still have to register in at the hotel I am staying at. Thanks for letting me swim. Nice to meet you.”

    He looked at Commando Man hoping for something. Anything.

    “I’ll be right with you, David.”

    Commando Man walked over to David, still naked, and smiled at him.

    “Nice blowing . . . uh . . . I mean . . . knowing you, Champ.”

    He laughed. David was absolutely charmed by this man, and liked being called Champ by his new friend. Commando Man, not knowing what to call him, fondly dubbed him Champ.

    “Thank you . . . for everything.”

    Commando Man smiled at his young protégé and gently said, “You’re welcome. If you are ever back this way, look me up.”

    “Zack, get your hot fucking ass over here. You promised to help me shut down if you got to swim. Get to it, fucker!”

    Commando Man laughed.

    “Gotta go, Champ.”

    He smiled and headed away, as David made a fast exit with his swollen erection. His last view of Commando Man was as the guy winked at him.

    David headed for the shower and turned one on as cold as he could get it and aimed it at his swollen cock. He stood there until it was finally at rest. Remembering he had to get to the hotel, he quickly dressed and left the building, heading toward his hotel.

    All alone on the streets of Chicago, the young swimmer smiled as he thought of his new friend and his first experience with a man. What a man to start with!

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    Chicago Sam, I would like to follow your great story by being able to read the sequel "The Weekend Contines" Is it ready for release?
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    You request will be fulfilled. The story is ready for release. Are you? Sam
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    The Weekend Continues

    Zack had just finished helping his friend John shut down the pool, had gotten dressed, and was on his way toward the front of the building. He had a smile on his face thinking about the hot young man he had just initiated, and, of course, there was his friend John. John was straight but liked to be blown by Zack every once in awhile. He was Zack’s second mouthful of the night . . . and in so many minutes. “What a cock whore I am,” thought Zack. Zack was actually not as promiscuous as it seemed. He was a very quiet guy who lead a very normal life. He was a teacher. A genuinely nice guy who just happened to like being with men from time to time. He hated the term “gay” with a passion. To him, that referred to the stereotype. As far as Zack was concerned, he was just a man—a regular guy—who just happened to sleep with and love men from time to time. No big deal.

    As he exited, he thought of the young man he had pleasured tonight. “Jeez, I hope it was a good experience for the kid. I want him to get off to a good start.” He thought about this young kid that he had met online called FastSkin. FastSkin had adopted Zack and was constantly asking him to get him off. Jack off sessions. Stories. FastSkin was insatiable in his horniness, and Zack, liking him a lot, took care of his every need:

    “Will you send me a story or pic or something to help finish me off? Do you need any help, my hands and mouth are always open!”

    “Holy fucking crap, that story was so fucking hot, and I've got the buckets full of cum to prove it. Was that a pic of you? Hot. I want you in me.”

    Opening the doors, he headed out towards the street.

    As he looked down the stairs, he noticed the young man sitting on the lowest steps. Continuing towards him, Zack looked to make sure it was him.

    “Hey, Champ! What are you doing here?”

    His young friend looked at him, and Zack, having taught and worked with kids all his life, sensed something was wrong.

    “All right, spill it! What can I do to help?”

    The young man sighed, and launched in, quite upset.

    “I went to the hotel and found out my reservation was screwed up and I have no place to stay. I have a huge swim meet tomorrow that could affect my career, and I don’t know what to do. And . . . I’m here all alone.”

    Zack thought about it, and looked at his young friend.

    “Easily solved, Champ.”

    “Really?” said the young man hopefully.

    “Here’s what we’re going to do. I have an extra room, and I am free all weekend. I am a former swimmer and have hosted swimmer’s before. I would like you to be my guest for the weekend. I have time, so I can get you around, and I would also like to see you swim. Would that make the situation better?”

    Zack saw the young man smile.

    “You’d do that for me?”

    “Of course. It will be fun. Besides, we’ve already had the most interesting introduction.”

    Champ blushed, as Zack laughed again.

    “It’s OK! I want you to do one thing for me though. I want you to call your parents or someone that you know so that they know where you will be, and I would like to introduce myself to them so that they at least know me. Here’s my cell phone. Just call them.”

    Zack waited as the phone call was made and parental contact had been achieved. While Zack talked to the swimmer’s parents and put them at ease, Champ could not believe that he would be staying with Commando Man—this man that he really liked as a friend . . . or whatever.

    As Zack flipped his cell shut, he looked at Champ and said, “We’re all set. Grab your gear and let’s go.”

    “I have one more problem.”

    “What now?”

    “The airlines lost my luggage. All I have is my swim gear.”

    “Jeez, you have had a lousy weekend so far.”

    Champ looked up with a sly smile and said, “The blow job was pretty good.”

    “Behave!” and Zack jokingly hit him.

    Champ laughed as he dodged the hit, and Zack was relieved to see the young man smiling again.

    “Here’s a solution. We’re close to the Zacke size, if you don’t mind, you can use whatever you want of mine. It’s not a problem.”

    Champ was so overwhelmed by Commando Man’s generosity that he suddenly hugged him.

    “Hey, Champ! It’s OK.” he said as he laughed in a very tight bear hug. “I like you, too!” he said, as he patted Champ on the back, still laughing.

    Champ released him.

    “Come on, Champ. It’s late. You probably have to be up early, and I want you to win every race. I better get you home and to bed. Have you eaten?”

    “My money was in my luggage.”

    “You win! Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner is Champ for the weekend most likely to suck big time.” He laughed.

    “Come on. I’ll feed you. Where do you want to go?”


    “Aaahhhhh, the food of champions. We better feed you well tonight so you are fueled for that meet. I’ll take you to a steak place out where I live in the suburbs. Sound good?”

    “Yes,” said Champ appreciatively. He was hungry as a bear.

    Zack and Champ got to know each other better on the drive to the suburbs and genuinely enjoyed each other’s company. Dinner was a feast, conversation was intense and laugh-filled, and Champ was now in great spirits.

    Once home, Zack set about getting his guest room ready for Champ. He wanted to make his guest as comfortable as possible. The guest room was also used as an office so there was a computer available. Zack also had clothes in the closet and dressers that Champ could choose from.

    “Here you go, Champ! I hope this will do.”

    Champ was delighted with the room and the king size bed that he would sleep in.

    “This is great. Thank you.”

    “You’re welcome. I am really glad to have you here for the weekend. You are a lot of fun.”

    “This is really rude of me, but we have been talking nonstop, and I don’t even know what to call you.”

    “Just call me Zack.”

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    “Zack. I like that. Thanks. You know I met a really great guy named Zack online. Both of you are so much alike and have been so kind to me. Now that I think of it, I really miss him.”

    “Well, there is a computer right here for you to use. Feel free to get online and contact him.”


    “Anything you need, you should be able to find in this room. Pajamas, underwear, pants, shirts . . . whatever you need. Feel free to use anything. There are personal supplies in the bathroom for you to use. Just open new ones on everything, and you can take them with when you leave. If you get hungry, just go raid the refrigerator. Be my guest.”

    “I can’t believe how kind you have been to me. Thank you. I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t come along.”

    “My pleasure to help you. I want you to be successful tomorrow.”

    Zack smiled.

    “I’ll see you in the morning. If I don’t wake up, wake me up so I can get you to the pool on time. Good night, Champ. Hope you have a better day tomorrow.”

    “Good night . . . Zack.”

    Champ set about to get ready to go to bed. He looked through the dressers to find something to wear to bed. Finding a pair of drawstring pajama bottoms, he removed all his clothes, and slid them on. His cock free, he started to imagine Zack wearing these and he started to get slightly hard. “My cock is where Zack’s cock has been.” With that he started to get really horny. He looked out his door and saw that the lights were off, and only a soft glow of light was coming from Zack’s room. Having pitched a tent in the front of Zack’s pajamas, he decided to head to the bathroom quickly to get ready for bed. Once inside, he closed the door and turned on the light. He was so horny he couldn’t stand it. “If I don’t jerk off now, I will never sleep.” As he was looking for a new toothbrush in Zack’s medicine cabinet, he saw a package of condom’s. “Fuck, Zack said anything.” Knowing that Zack wore these made him even hornier, so he unbuttoned the front of Zack’s pajamas and pulled his cock out. Standing there with a throbbing hardon again, he ripped open a Magnum package and rolled the condom on his swollen cock. In Zack’s pajamas, wearing one of Zack’s rubbers, he began to stroke off while standing. Not wanting Zack to hear him, he rubbed his cock silently but furiously. He could not wait to cum as he was so horny. Fuck! He wanted to cum so bad! He stroked that cock like a piston and finally that wonderful rise of cum was erupting through his cock! A huge load of hot white cum blasted into the front of the condom. He could not stop sliding up and down his shaft as repeated sprays of hot man jam filled the reservoir of that Magnum. Champ was surprised it did not rip from the beating it was getting. When he could finally breathe at a slower pace, he slid the condom off and knotted it. Cleaning off his cock with toilet paper, he threw it in and flushed the evidence away. The condom posed a problem. He did not want Zack to know, so he took it and placed it in his gear bag to be disposed of at the meet tomorrow. Guys were always jerking off in the restrooms at swim meets.

    Still somewhat hard, he returned to his room, set his alarm clock, and, though still horny being in Zack’s pajamas, managed to sleep well the night through.

    Waking up early, he was thinking of “online Zack” and decided to e-mail him to let him know he was OK, he was in Chicago, and was staying with another guy named Zack this weekend.

    He headed toward the shower, but noticed that Zack was not awake. He knocked on Zack’s door. No answer. He knocked again. Still no answer. Remembering that Zack had said to wake him up if he was asleep, Champ opened the door and saw his host sprawled on his bed nude with a full erection. “Wow!” he thought, “that is one fine piece of man there.” There was the man he admired at the pool the night before, the one that had given him his first blow job, and his first cock ring. “You know, I need to give him a special wake up call.”

    Remembering a story he had sent to online Zack, he thought that this Zack would appreciate it:

    “FastSkin, walked into Zack's classroom, closed and locked the door. Zack looked up from the papers he was grading with shock. FastSkin put his finger over his lips and removed his clothes. He went over to the teacher’s desk and undid Zack's pants. He pulled the huge cock out of Zack's pants and he quickly engulfed it and sucked it like a Hoover. Once Zack was ready, FastSkin rubbed some lube on his ass and laid on Zack's desk. Zack stood up, and FastSkin showed him what he'd been working on. FastSkin flung his legs over his head putting his ass in the air, and began sucking his own cock. With that, Zack entered his ass and FastSkin let him do whatever he wanted to it.”

    As Champ headed toward the bed, he removed Zack’s pajamas. Now nude and fully hard again, he got on the bed as carefully as he could and lowered his face to Zack's cock. He smelled all around it and savored the smell of early morning man. He had never sucked cock before, and he had been fantasizing about it for months. In front of him was a cock he wanted bad. He began to imagine what it would taste like. Opening his mouth, he went down for his first taste.

    As his lips closed in on the head of Zack’s penis, Champ had his first taste of cock. “This is cock” he thought. It was a manly taste that was beyond belief. His tongue craved it now, as he explored every inch of Zack’s manhood— a salty, tangy taste of unimaginable flavor. Without touching it, he continued to explore and savor that beautiful piece of man meat with his tongue. As he eagerly lapped at it, Zack’s cock begin to harden even more to the ministrations Champ was supplying. Champ have never enjoyed a taste as much as the one he was now enjoying. “Cock! I love cock! I can never get enough of this!” As he explored the taste, he also explored the sensation of the various textures of a man’s cock—the head, the shaft, and the scrotum. All was more than he had imagined. Champ had to grab his own cock and fondle it.

    As Champ’s tongue continued to explore this beautiful phallus, Zack began to stir—he was having the most delicious dream of David blowing him. Zack reached up and put his arms behind him and spread his legs.

    “Yes, keep licking me. Don’t stop. Feels so good,” said Zack in his sleep.

    Champ saw his opportunity and continued to do as Zack wished.

    “Blow me. Yes. That’s it. Oh, Baby, I love what you are doing to me.”

    Champ began to lick Zack’s hair-covered thighs and balls.

    “Put your lips around my cock. Use your tongue on the shaft. Oh, man!”

    Zack pulled his knees up and started to slowly thrusting up into the warm moist mouth that was devouring him.

    Oh, yes! Fuck, that’s good.”

    With that he grabbed Champ’s head and started slamming into his mouth. Champ wanted to please his host so much that he took every inch of that hardon in his mouth. Zack started to thrust faster as he got ready to explode a load in that tight orifice.

    “I’m cumming! Fuck! I’m cumming! Oooooooohhhhhhhhhh, yes! OH!”

    And with that the sleeping man filled Champ’s mouth with a taste, texture, and sensation that he had never had before. The warm semen coated every inch of his throat and tongue. Man jam! It was a taste that he decided he wanted more of. As he savored every drop, Zack’s cock pulled out of his mouth and the man woke up.

    “Champ?! Oh, my! I was having the most wonderful dream about this young man that I e-mail with and I was cumming in his mouth.”

    Champ began to laugh.

    “It was you?”

    “Yup! Thanks to your availability, I just ate my first cock! And I loved it! Man you are one tasty piece of man!”

    “You sucked my cock?”

    “Yes, Sir, and I am going to do it again and again!”

    “Come here.”

    Go to The Weekend Continues—Part 3
  9. chicagosam

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    Apr 16, 2006
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    Zack pulled his blankets over him as Champ crawled under next to him. Zack pulled the naked cock sucker initiate next to him, and wrapped his arms around him.

    “Sure you’re ready for this? I can’t believe you did that. And so well! You’re a born cock sucker.”


    He paused.

    “Zack, I want to be fucked, and I want to fuck you. I want to experience it all.”

    “Hold on, Pal. Trust me, you’re going a little fast. I want you to enjoy everything and savor it. One step at a time. Besides, you have an important meet today to get ready for. In the meantime, try this.”

    Zack pulled the Champ on top of him and began to kiss him long and deep. Champ responded eagerly his tongue dancing in tandem with Zack’s. It was a wonderful moment between the two men.

    When Zack broke the kiss, he looked at the clock.

    “Champ! We gotta go! Come on!”

    He dragged Champ out of bed and headed toward the bathroom.

    “I need a shower.”

    “OK. You go first.”

    “Fuck that, we’re going in together.”

    Zack turned on the water and led Champ in. It was a shower like none that Champ had ever known. Kissing, touching, stroking, and fondling. Soaping and washing each other became an experience of erotic delight. Zack kneeled in front of Champ and sucked his cock until he released a thick hot load of cum and then kissed him to share the emission. Zack dried off Champ and the two got dressed for the meet in Zack‘s room. Champ could not believe how horny he got again wearing Zack’s clothes. Just putting on Zack’s boxers made him hard. Zack kissed the hardening cock, and said, “Later. Win two races and I will do what you want—I’ll fuck you, and let you fuck me.”

    After a breakfast on the fly, the two headed off for the site of the swim meet. Zack dropped Champ off at the door and went and parked. Zack was really excited to see Champ swim. After a lengthy morning of prelims where Champ managed to be within the top three seeded for an event in the finals, the two had a quick lunch.

    “I am holding you to your promise, Zack. I hope you are ready for a long night ahead of hot man fucking.”

    “Ok. I am a man of my word.”

    Three hours later, Champ had won every race in the finals that he was entered in. When he won his second race, he looked up at Zack in the bleachers, and made sure that Zack knew he had won two! Zack just laughed, opened his arms wide and shrugged, and mouthed, “I’m yours.”

    After the trophy ceremony, Zack met Champ in front of the building, and gave the winning swimmer a huge hug of congratulations.

    “Congratulations, Champ! I am so proud of you! You did it! And, damn it, now I have to fuck you.”

    “Well, don’t say it like it’s a punishment. I have been so fucking horny all day thinking about you that I just had to swim faster to get the real prize—you!”

    Zack smiled.

    “All right, dinner first. Fuck, second. I’m yours. Have your filthy way with me.”

    After another great dinner out, the two arrived at Zack’s place. Once inside, Champ threw his gear on the floor, grabbed Zack and threw him against the wall and kissed him. He had been waiting all day for this. Zack was just as eager and matched him tongue for tongue.

    “OK, Zack, you’re all mine.”

    He started to undress Zack, unbuttoning his shirt, and leading him towards the guest bedroom. Pulling his shirt off, and undoing Zack’s pants, Champ glimpsed at the computer screen and noticed that he had an e-mail from his other Zack.

    He shoved Zack down on the bed and pulled his pants off, taking his boxers with as well. Zack was ready for Champ.

    “Hey, Zack, give me a second here. This is from that guy I was writing to online.”

    The e-mail congratulated him for his spectacular wins in Chicago.

    “What? How did he know that?”

    Zack started laughing, and stuck out his hand.

    “Hello, FastSkin. I’m Zack. ChicagoZack.”

    Champ could not believe it.

    “How did you know?”

    “You left a screen up this morning that said FastSkin, and it was an e-mail from ChicagoZack, and something I had written to you. Not difficult to figure out. I had it figured out for the most part, but was finally sure after I saw the e-mail. Nice to meet you at last, my friend.”

    “I was hoping that you would turn out to be my ‘online Zack’.”

    “Turned out to be a great weekend for you after all. Time to celebrate.”

    Zack grabbed David and pulled him towards the bed by his waistband and proceeded to undress the handsome swimmer. Months of dreaming of a meeting had finally come to pass, and the two men could not keep their hands and mouths off each other anymore.

    After some hot passionate kissing, and a lot of steamy groping, David got his wish. Zack got some lube out and lubed David’s thick long cock. He placed some on David’s fingers and asked him to start working his hole as he bent over.

    “Work your finger in and massage my hole so I can take all of you.”

    Zack bent over holding onto the footboard, and guided David’s cock to his eagerly awaiting hole. He wanted David in him just as much as David wanted to be in him. With his hairy hole ready to be impaled, Zack hung on and told me David to shove it in just like he would a cunt. David, who no longer had any desire for women after being with Zack, slammed it in just like would an asshole. Zack groaned as he felt the thick missile entering him. It hurt, but felt so good.

    “Pull it out and shove it in again, but harder this time.”

    David did as he was told and slammed his cock home in one pile-driving thrust. Zack gasped as David’s cock went in. He could not believe how huge it felt inside of him.

    “Come on, fucker, fuck me! Fuck me hard, and fuck me fast!”

    David started thrusting in and out like a piston on overdrive. It felt so good to be in Zack’s ass, and he could not believe how much he wanted to cum continually with each forward move. He had never felt this horny, and he knew a few more strokes and he would explode jism nonstop.

    “Come on, fuck me! I want you spraying my colon! Slam that huge cock in me!”

    As he slammed forward continually so hard he was slapping Zack’s ass, his cum load finally released and came gushing like a hot spring geyser up his shaft coating every inch of Zack’s insides.

    Go to The Weekend Continues—Part 4
  10. chicagosam

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    Apr 16, 2006
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    “Don’t stop. Keep slamming it in. I want every drop of your juice.”

    David was still hard and did not want to stop either. He just kept thrusting.

    “As long as you can’t stop, let me roll over on my back and pull up my knees, and you can slam your cock in.”

    With that, Zack kept changing positions for David to try to see what he liked and what felt best to him. David loved them all as he just wanted to be in Zack’s ass as much as he could.

    When he finally went limp, he asked Zack to fuck him.

    “Are you sure you are ready for this? Virgin ass is very sensitive.”

    “Come on, Zack. I want you in me.”

    Zack grabbed David and ran his hand over David’s body. Standing behind David, he took his cock, stretching it to full length before stroking it partially erect. Zack slid his cock up slowly and comfortably into the crevice of David’s ass while taking the opportunity to explore with his hands every inch of the swimmer’s chest, abs, and thighs—even stimulating his nipples fully erect. David relaxed as Zack took one of his hands and began to fondle David’s balls with one hand, while rubbing his swiftly hardening cock. While Zack continuing to rub his cock against the back of David’s ass, in a combined movement he stroked the thickening swimmer’s meat.

    Once David was swollen beet red hard and straight up erect, Zack grabbed a chair with a back and sat David down in it tying his arms behind him. Zack grabbed his own cock and rubbed it as pre-cum started to ooze out of the slit. He straddled the chair bringing his cock in close to David’s face. Grabbing his cock by the shaft, Zack guided the thick head against David’s lips leaving them moist and dripping with his manly fluid. He circled the head against the lips as David lapped with his tongue. As David continued to use his tongue, Zack rubbed his cock and balls against David’s face leaving their sweat scent on every surface they touched. The musky aroma was intoxicating. As David greedily licked Zack’s aroused genitals, Zack reached down and rubbed David’s cock. Zack took his fingers and parted David’s lips enough to slide his cock in that warm moist cunt of a mouth. As he buried his thick cock in, he groaned in appreciation.

    “Suck my cock, David. Make it tight.”

    Zack pushed his meat in. He loved that sensation of tightness going in, so he pulled out, and did it again a number of times.

    “Give me a tight cunt, David. Once I’m in, slide your tongue up and down on my shaft.”

    David opened up to devour Zack, relaxing his jaw more. His sense of feel was heightened as he took Zack’s surprisingly thick cock in exploring the texture and the taste of the under shaft with his tongue. He loved the taste. He loved the thick veins. He loved the soft texture of the head, and the sharp taste of the pre-cummed slit. When he deep throated Zack, he reached with his tongue to lick the salty tasting hair-covered balls that hung loosely against his mouth and chin.

    Zack wanted to cum swiftly so he could get back to servicing David. He grabbed David’s head and started thrusting in and out as fast as he could.

    “Tighten that mouth-cunt. I want to cum fast and hard in it, cum-slut.”

    David complied and within seconds, Zack had him gagging on a huge load of man jam. Zack continued to hold David’s head in place as he unloaded every drop of the white sticky cream in his throat. When he pulled his cum coated cock out of David’s mouth, he shot once more all over David’s face, while a still somewhat gagging David opened his mouth with Zack juice dripping down his face. Zack licked him clean and shared his tongue with David’s for a final taste.

    Using some of his cum, he had David lay spread-eagle on the bed, and he lubed the virgin hole with it. Not wanting to hurt David, he kneeled down on the bed and begging to finger David’s hole open by massaging it gently. David moaned in appreciation as one finger and eventually two were sliding in and out of his manhole. He lifted his ass up in the air to receive the third finger. Alternately, three fingers and a tongue were probing that opening.

    “Zack, I can’t stand it any longer. I want to feel your cock in me. Just do it, please.”

    Zack took his cock and lubed it well, and grabbed it and started rubbing the head against David’s hole. He took his hands and pulled the cheeks apart and got his cock in position. He pushed gently and the head slid in.

    David gasped.

    “You, OK?”

    “Yes. I have never felt anything like that. You’re huge.”

    “Are you sure you want more?”

    “Yes. Please.”

    “Zack held onto David’s hips and slid in another inch.

    “Ooooooohhhhhhhhh! God! More!”

    Zack went in another two inches.

    “Fuck, yes! Oh, my God! It hurts, but, damn, it feels so good! More.”

    “OK. But you may have to adjust your hips a bit.”

    Zack slammed it home hitting the second sphincter and sliding through easily.

    David screamed and gasped. He could barely breathe from having all of Zack in him.

    “Fuck me, fuck me! I want you to come in me.”

    Zack began sliding in and out of David’s ass gradually getting faster as he became increasingly aroused. His cock increased in length and thickness and David could not believe how huge it felt inside of him. Finally, Zack could hold back no longer and released a gush of hot sperm that filled David. He kept inserting aggressively until he could no longer shoot. Pulling out, he watched his cum dripping out of David’s ass. He grabbed the young swimmer by his hips and licked his ass clean of all viscous matter.

    Zack and David collapsed on the bed and eventually fell asleep wrapped in each other’s arms.

    The next morning, they made love again, and had a lengthy but enjoyable shower together once again. David had to return to New York that day, and Zack took him to O’Hare to see him off.

    “Thanks for coming to my rescue, Zack. I’m so glad we finally met.”

    “I am, too. It was great to have you here.”

    Because there were so many people boarding, Zack just grabbed his friend and hugged him. It was hard to let go.

    “See you soon.”

    David was reluctant to go.

    “Come on, Champ. You need to go. We’ll see each other again. Don’t worry. You always have a place to stay when you are in Chicago. Call me when you get home so I know you got back safely.”

    “You’re such a dad.”

    David hugged Zack one more time, kissed him on the cheek, and moved to board the plane. They smiled at each other. Zack stayed to watch the plane take off.

    It was hard for David to leave Zack behind that day, but he knew that Zack wanted him to be successful in his career.

    Besides, Zack would always be there for him.

    The End
  11. fortiesfun

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    California (US)
    Amazing stuff. Thanks, Sam.
  12. chicagosam

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    Thank you, my friend.:smile: Your writing is an inspiration to me.
  13. reallyhot

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    The Great White North
    Keep it cummin' Great Story Sam!!!
  14. Georgiaboy69

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    Clearwater Beach, Fl. USA
    Great story Sam!!! Wish I could I have been the swimmer in this one!!!
  15. flaman

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    awesome story sam. i couldn't quit reading it once i started. please continue with more stories like this one. it sure got my attention.
  16. Chicago_Swimmer

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  17. hypolimnas

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    I'm just glad I learnt how to read.

    Sam, you really have a beautiful way of handling the English language.

    I bet your "What I did in the school holidays" essays were always "original".:wink:
  18. fratpack

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    Sam, what an awesome story....wish I could make more comments now but I am a bit "drained" right now. Keep it up and so will I.

    Thank you.
  19. kman86

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    Awesome story. Exscuse me for just a moment....



  20. chicagosam

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    And we are, too! It gives your hands a rest.

    Thank you. I handle other things just as well. You've always warmed to my touch.

    More like "Who I did in the school holidays": S, Z, J, D, DD, KD, etc.:biggrin1:

    Don't believe everything you read. I am a fiction writer, you know!
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