ABC's for a Jumpoff

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    New York
    A night out with the
    Boys, we're just out
    Chillin' at the club
    Drinks are getting drunk
    Everybody's having a good time
    Fine Females step in the club
    Get ready for the hate
    Horny dudes rushing them while
    I sit back and wait
    Just as soon as the dudes leave, I
    Kick it with her a little
    Liking what she saw in
    Me, we dance and vibe a little
    Now we're leaving the club, we're
    On the way to my car. She's
    Peeping me as I'm peeping her and we sat
    Quietly all the way home
    Really feeling the way
    She looks in that dress, I
    Tonuged her down, took off her clothes and pulled her
    Underwear down. After I got my condom
    Various positions
    We ran through. It was so
    Xtra-nasty and Xtra freaky and
    Yes, we went to sleep too

    Was it good for you?
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