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Above Average Mystery

Discussion in 'Show Off' started by nervousvirgin, May 28, 2007.

  1. nervousvirgin

    Awaiting Confirmation

    Apr 12, 2007
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    every time i read a post at LPSG or any other penis size site there is always a mystery zone of penis size. Average is usually 5.5-6x4.5-5 while big is 7.5+ x 6+ how do you classify someone like me who is 6.25-6.5 x 5.5 is there a size range for above arevage or is it just a gray zone. in theory this should be an important area of size because most chicks prefer a larger than average cock but many can't handle the significantly larger members. all thoughts are very welcome.
  2. LemacST

    LemacST Member

    Apr 20, 2007
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    Well, average is almost always considered something like this:
    5.5"-6" in length, 4.75-5" in girth.

    My girth is 5", maybe a bit more. When I push my penis down in measuring mode, I am 6.5"--although I know once I let go, my penis somewhat like "sinks" into my body and it ends up being more like 6 or 6 1/4". Even though the way I measure 6.5" is the 'official' way in a sense, I'm not sure if I should really consider myself that. Then again, it IS the "official" measurement. Oh well, basically I'm making a big deal out of it because technically that would put me in this in this gray area you're talking about.

    Because of this, I'm technically "above average"--but in reality, if one had to place me in small, average or big, I'd be average. I don't feel there'd be a significant difference between my size and what one typicals sees as "average". It's like guys who are 7.5", most just round up and say 8". No one can tell the difference. I wish I could do the same and say that I'm 7", but since the proportion of my made up length is higher than a 7.5"er, I can't pass (except maybe if I told a very nieve and/or unexperienced girl that).

    So basically to answer your question, that gray area is exactly that--a gray area. To a girl that's had sex with three guys who are average, this 6.5x5.5 cock is "kinda big". To a girl who's had sex with several guys, including big ones, might say "he's about average". For me, i'm not far from that area and I've never heard a girl say that I was big, because I'm not. I guess you can say that area is the TRUE average, since it's like exactly in the middle of the whole penis spectrum, while 5.5"ish is more like the COMMON size.
  3. B_andyo

    B_andyo Banned

    Apr 18, 2007
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    95% fall into 4-7 inches... enough say.. :) while 65% fall between 5.5-6.5 .. the other we already know.. 3% for 7+ inches and about 2-3% also for less than 5!
  4. benderten2001

    benderten2001 Member

    Oct 8, 2002
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    I read all this statistical stuff too, with considerable interest :wink: but, I'm beginnning to think that the internet has truly changed how we regard "big". And, we as a ...society (?) --probably won't ever be the same.

    Before having such easy access to "size images" (put in here anything you want)....I believe it was much easier to accept 5 or 6 inches as "normal" or "typical". After all, prior to today's modern media, WHEN did we ever see (or know too much) about anything "bigger" even existing except for some rumor or supposition? I mean, we certainly couldn't "see big ones" like we can now...even if much of what we "see" today is actually done with clever angles or photo-shop. But, deceiving or not, we believe everything we see nowadays. (We ALL believe what we're seeing! Old and young alike, too! And THAT'S scary, isn't it?)

    Where we've lost it (I suppose) is that we have trouble just believing that "average" is really all that common. After all, we are constantly surrounded 24 /7 with a surplus of images that seem absolutely contrary to those cited "statistics" that have been documented for decades.

    If one was to sit down and try to figure out all the "costs" associated with our fretting over penis size--(depression, anxiety, frustration, stress, PE methods, etc.), it would probably prove incalculable.

    One thing for sure. "Penis consciousness" seems to be becoming a very lucrative business. --THAT'S almost a daunting thought, folks. Not that there's anything wrong with openness to discussing anything sexual. This freedom has been long-needed. But there needs to be a way to encourage men to be more accepting of themselve for how they are and not make them feel inferior if they're not above average. Our ability to "see big penises" does have its drawbacks if we're not mentally / emotionally prepared to face the truth. Truth about what we're actually seeing on the net and the truth of who we really are..regardless of our sizes.
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