Accurate Size Stats?

Discussion in 'The Healthy Penis' started by gcbenji0, Sep 12, 2007.

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    I'd like to get some accurate stats on size.
    I've heard some places that 1 in 4000 guys is over 10 inches. other places i've heard 1 in one million guys is over ten. obviously that's an enourmous difference in the occruance of large penises. and i dont believe you have to go through 1,000,000 men to find a ten incher. 4000 is more believable.
    I've read somewhere that 95% guys are in around 6 inches or slightly less; meaning that last 5% contains both men who are smaller and larger.
    so that means out of 20 guys, 19 have average and one is smaller or larger.

    but everyone knows being fat detrimentally reduces penis size. I've read that every 35 lbs of excess fat = -1" but then again I dont know how accurate that is either. so if a dude is 200 lbs, (not muscly, just fat) then thats like 2-2.5 inches he loses. now if the average length is in between 5 and 6, then that particular dude is at most 4 inches :frown1:.
    now America is a fat ass country, there's no denying it. 2/3 of this country is overweight, so factoring that in I'd say in this country men who are smaller than average must add up to much more than 5%, not to mention big guys.

    Thoughts? Anyone have a link to ACCURATE stats on penis size accross the population (USA or another country or the world?)?
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    I am afraid that definitive information may not be available anywhere, at least not beyond debate, but this thread contains some pretty useful information and some sense of the debate.
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