Adam Duritz of Counting Crows

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    I was reading a celebrity blog today, and the post was on 'Adam Duritz' of Counting Crows. He seems to be quite the babe magnet. I had no idea Adam was such an endowed and hot lover. I was surprised to read the following blog comments from readers:

    ...The man's got the biggest bong in town—that's how

    ... Can someone please explain the attraction? I don't care how big his bong is -

    ... HUGE PEEN

    ... I hear the dude is hung like crazy and can tear up a pu–-y like no one else.

    ... He is supposed to be verrrry good at the art of oral lovin'.

    ... I've seen Adam walk away from more than a few gorgeous girls.

    ... he did an interview in "blender" where he says he eats box better than anyone else. i guess that could be true, or he could have been lied to a lot. but perhaps she's just totally dickmatized???
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