Adobe Acrobat Highlighting?

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    I just started working for a contracting company, and one of the things I've been tasked with doing is color coding some of the layout plan's symbols. Here is a small cutout of what I'm dealing with to give you an idea.


    I tried the highlighting tool Acrobat 9 has, but it's not doing anything. I can't seem to get that tool to work at all actually, even with just text. I guess this is because it's just an image and not actual text. One of my bosses suggested a PDF program called BlueBeam, and said it was more layout friendly, but I do not have a copy of that. I'd expect Adobe to be able to do everything I need, I just don't know how at the moment =p

    So what's the best way to do this? If you look at the picture I included, it's just those symbols there that I need to be a certain color, like red for fire alarm pull stations and such, etc. Any thoughts on how I can best accomplish this? Thank you ahead of time!
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