Adult book store exhibitionism

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    While stationed in Germany I met a married couple. They were cool to hang out with and have drinks. I once went over to their house and only Barbara was there. She was watching a John Holmes porno, and she told me she was really into sex, especially big dicks. I kept my composure and didn't make a move because I didn't want to risk their friendship. Barbara's husband would always say they she and I should have gotten together because we have a simalar sense of humor. I transferred and by chance ran into Barbara again, but this time her husband had gotten hooked on crack cocaine and she was now single. This chance meeting happened in Monterey CA. We talked about fantasies, and she told me she always wanted to have sex while someone watch. She is a beautiful woman with size 42DD, very small waist, and an enormous ass. I told her that I had a fantasy of having sex in public while someone watched. We decided to go to the adult book store in Monterey. I don't know if it's still there. We went into the booths in the back. I could hear the doors of booths closing. We put a few tokens in the box and tuned to a movie. She seemed quite comfortable. She unzipped me, and pulled out my dick for the first time. I'm sure I was as hard as I've ever been and clearly exceeded my usual 10 inches. She looked at me and simply said "I swallow." She jacked me with two hands while licking the tip, and teasing the skin underside with her teeth. She knew I was about to cum. She took as much dick in her mouth as she could, and I came so hard I thought I would blow the back of her head out. I came again...hard. We left the store only to return a few times in the future. She was just one of the great looking women that I met in Monterey.

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