Adventures of a Gentleman

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    Adventures of a Gentleman

    This is an account of one gentleman’s personal adventures and exploration into his own sexuality. What follows is a narrative in story form, and like a diary or journal, of the evolution and the changes in thought and attitude. One will witness firsthand how acceptance and tolerance for both the unknown and the taboo can become as readily adopted as those conventional roles society prescribes for its members. The process of consideration of new ideas and behaviors, the venturing forth with those behaviors into uncharted territories, and the resultant impact of experience will all be illuminated and described in detail. The purpose here is to show how desire can be ignited thrusting forth the individual into previously rejected roles and behaviors. Here then is that story.


    I have always enjoyed the art of fellatio. Ever since puberty and the endless masturbation, the one thing I’d always seek out were women performing fellatio on men. Photographs at first, then eight and sixteen millimeter movies. Years before video. As a teen I discovered professional women that would perform this act on me for a modest sum. I visited them regularly. Then I masturbated frequently thinking about them. I never really found girlfriends that were as accommodating. Perhaps that is why I accepted pornography and auto-eroticism as my primary mechanism for satisfaction. I could always satisfy my needs myself the best. This continued for many years. Then one day a change began taking place.

    A time had come when I basically accepted a lifestyle of pornography and auto-eroticism. I also began to see that women were having a great time while performing fellatio. That fascinated me, their drive for that. It also seemed that they were very satisfied with it as well. As a giving person and a pleaser. I found something there that I could relate to. I watched with a new eye. It wasn’t long before I began to try to imagine what it would be like to perform this act myself. I began to experience a sensation in my mouth when I watched. A tingling sensation, my mouth dropping open a bit. A sensation of my throat opening. A longing feeling for the emptiness of my mouth to be filled. This seemed extraordinary to me. This needed to be explored I told myself so I began to ask opinions of women. Each and every one of them told me they were familiar with the sensations themselves and that it indicated that I wanted to suck. For a along time I denied this possibility in my mind but I secretly became curious. I asked more women more questions. What did it taste like? Was it warm? What did it resemble in feel? The overwhelming advice was to try one and then I’d see. A part of me just knew they were right when they said that I’d love it. That made me shiver. I began to watch very closely when I watched women sucking. Their hand, lip, and tongue movements and where. Watching how they wet the penis, the steps they took. I always noticed that they would first tongue the head a bit on the bottom and then slide their lips over the head and down the shaft an inch or two. Then they moaned. So many of them did that. It seemed like the way they greeted the penis, experiencing its first entry into their mouths. They also began to salivate a lot more after that. Even writing these words I too salivate and feel the walls of my mouth expanding to permit the penis to penetrate my own mouth. The tingling and dryness is there too. What a scrumptious beginning to the devouring of the meal of penis meat.

    The progression began. The penis shaft moving deeper and deeper into the mouth and throat, becoming wetter and more slippery between the fellatrix’s lips. Then the hands sliding up and down along its length. The hands cupping the balls and gently squeezing them and then gently pulling on them. Keeping a watchful eye for his reactions to her ministrations and his pleasure.

    The work continued. More wetness, stimulation, and the general working of the genitals up to a fever pitch until the sperm shot forth in climax, receiving her reward for the work she had performed.

    I’ve watched this thousands of times. I visualized myself doing it hundreds of times. I wavered on the fence about doing it. I just couldn’t see it happening though. But it excited me. I was drawn further into it. I considered what taking the steps might mean. Mean to my self concept, my identity, and my sex life. So many people seemed to have crossed the line. In many ways it seemed to be the new style of sexuality. Incredible numbers of men online seemed to have the same secret. I continued with the exploration.

    I wondered about using a toy, a vegetable, a fruit. I eventually made attempts with all of them. Rubber dildos, cucumbers, carrots, bananas, both yellow and green. I used them everywhere. I sucked them, I inserted them anally, and I stroked them. I experienced the psychic and physical sensations over and over again. They pleased me. Very much did they please me.

    It took about a year of fantasizing like this before I ran my first ad. I learned the difference between the terms top and bottom. This was an entirely new learning experience. Communicating, or rather, trying to communicate with men. I exchanged a great deal of e-mails, photographs, and gauged my reaction to it all. Having sucked on all those inanimate objects I knew that I enjoyed sucking. I had purchased a cyberskin cock extension shaped with a real head and feel. I enjoyed the head in my mouth. I sucked the shaft into my throat. I reached the eight inch mark of the cock. I realized that I could deep throat a medium sized cock. That fascinated me. I was realizing more and more that I could become a very good cocksucker. I also was admitting to myself that I would probably become one too someday. I was getting closer and feeling more relaxed about it. I continued to move in that direction.

    My experience with chatting and e-mailing was also growing too. I suspected many were like me – curious but afraid. I realized this was a major step and change. What I focused on were the oral and the anal sensations and pleasures and not on any changes of lifestyle or relationship issues. I did believe though that to have a sexual experience with another person did call for communication. I struggled with that. It was not forthcoming. There were many abbreviated chats, one or two word questions, no replies, and frustration. The prospects excited me though. I saw pictures of a lot of cocks. They appetized me more and more and I sucked the dildo, bananas and stuff more also. I was definitely going to suck, this I knew. It was just a matter of time now. I looked forward to the day when I would finally meet someone. I remained very, very curious about what I would do when the time came.
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