Advice / Experences of circumcision in 30+ males

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    Needing a bit of advice / personal experiences on the above here.....

    After a complete fuck up with my previous operation to correct a short Frenulum (Frenulum Breve) in which a frenuloplasty was done, it's almost 100% certain that I will need a circ.

    Now anyone in the UK will know how wonderful the NHS is, I have hit on a problem where my reg CUNTsultant (This is not a typo!) gave me two options (Removal of skin tags that have developed, or a full circ). I chose the circ as my current home life is as such I can ill afford the time to constantly go back & forth to the hospital the other side of Nottingham to me (Nottingham City Hospital) due to being a full-time carer for mum.

    This problem has been on-going for about 18 months now, & coupled with the fact I had to deal with a open arm fracture resulting from a road traffic accident which has been operated on twice & check-up's, along with an up coming three wisdom tooth extraction end of July, all within a space of around 18 months, you can probably understand I wanted a no mess no fuss approach to things. This approach has also been supported by my piercer (25 years experience), another piercer friend of mine (10 years), & a consultant friend (Who happens to know my first CUNTsultant).

    Unfortunately when I went in for the circ I ended up with a completely different CUNTsultant, who point blank refused to do the op, screaming that the issue was with my PA, to which has been proven otherwise by the first CUNTsultant, my 2 piercing friends & my friend who is a consultant.

    Way things are going is it looks like I will end up going via the private treatment route at the cost of around £500 / £600 (BUPA quoted £1500!!!) of which funds wise I am hoping to use part of the settlement funds I receive for my open arm fracture.

    Now the TWO questions I have are...

    1. What did you do / have to do to prepare for your circ, the after-care, general experience, & sex.

    2. Any recommendations for private clinics near the J25, M1 area.

    I have a fair idea how to prepare after the experience I had with the frenuloplasty, but as a circ is going much further than a frenuloplasty, I want to be sure & prepared for what I will experience.

    Your thoughts.....
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