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    Hey all, looking around here I feel like I might be in the minority, but I'm cursing my size currently...

    I just started dating a woman and so far, uh, my size has been an issue. I've pretty much only been able to penetrate with the head and although she loves how that feels, it doesn't really do much for me. I'm not exceptionally length (around 6.75") but I am extremely thick (about 6.5" around). I married very young (ended a year ago) so to date I've only been with a few women. Although my ex wife had no problems accomodating my size from the start, with a few others it took a couple of tries, a bit of gritting through the pain and regular sex to keep things from tightening up.

    My current woman is fantastic in all ways. Except, well, she's small. She's a very petitie woman and so far seems to be rather tight down there. It has gotten somewhat better, initially I could not enter her at all and now I can get in a little and at times slip in a few inches (although it's uncomfortable for her). We're having some incredible non penetrating sex but I'm really longing for the penetration here..

    Anyone have any tips? Lots of lube, yes, been trying that. I really don't want to tell her to just push through the pain, as having regular uncomfortable sex doesn't seem like a great way to start off your sex life... She also hasn't had sex in several years so that could be a contributing factor. My plan right now is to make sure every day we have some penetration, even if it's just a little, and hope that over time it will loosen up. I really don't want to hurt her or try to push her through the pain since it seems like that will just make her apprehensive and prevent her from relaxing.

    Has anyone found that some women just can't accomodate a larger penis comfortably? I mean I know physically any woman can accommodate almost any penis girth (after all, a baby can get out of there) but the key word would be comfortably (as I don't know many women who would enjoy something the size of a babies' head coming out of there). I'm getting a little worried at this point that it's not going to happen or she'll give up trying because of the pain...
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    I would down jelq to no more than 6" circumference. I believe there is a down jelqing procedure somewhere. Lose that 1/2 inch or so and your problem will be over.
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    That sounds like a great plan to me.
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