African Night

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    I was driving on a dirt road in the wilds of Africa when I saw something that
    stopped me dead in my tracks. I turned off the ignition and sat staring at
    the most amazing sight I had ever seen. To the side, and down from the
    road a little, flowed a stream. And standing on a rock, stark bollock naked,
    was the most impressive man I could ever wish to see. He appeared to
    be having a wash in the stream

    He was tall and lithe. There was not an ounce of fat on his body save for
    a bubble butt. His skin was mahogany dark and was covered in soap suds.
    But oh! what caught my eye most was the length of hose dangling
    between his legs. It was nearly a foot long in the soft! I looked up
    from that monster dick, up along the washboard flat stomach and
    well defined chest to his face. His features were very regal. He looked
    almost arrogant. Yet suddenly his lips broke into a huge grin, displaying
    a perfect set of teeth. He waved as he smiled.

    I looked around me, trying to see who he might be waving to. I was
    the only one for miles around. Sheepishly I waved back. I had thought
    he would not be able to see me from down below. As much as I wanted
    to stay and drink in his beauty I felt that I had invaded his privacy
    enough. I started the car. On hearing me start the car he started waving
    frantically. For a moment I feared that he was annoyed but when I looked
    closely I noticed that he was beckoning me to join him.

    I turned off the ignition and gingerly made my way down to him.
    I apologised profusely for spying on him. He had only broken English
    but made me understand that he did not mind. I could not tear my eyes
    away from his salami. Seeing this he peeled back the skin and laughed.
    Then he unzipped my trousers and pulled out my cock. He laughed
    as he pulled back my foreskin. I'm no slouch in the trouser department;
    I think he was simply laughing at the great difference between my pale
    cock and his mahogany monster.

    Through smiles, sign language and a few words of English he got me
    to understand that he was inviting me back to his hut. After his friendly
    inspection of my equipment how could I refuse. He was just so warm
    and cheerful. He got dressed and we set off in the car.

    He lived alone, not far from the stream. There seemed to be no other
    huts for miles around. A large tree gave shade and he placed a mat in
    this shade for me to sit on. I had some beers in a cooler box in the
    boot of my car as well as some groceries as I had been expecting to
    camp out that night. He opened the beers and then set about
    cooking a meal.

    I watched the muscles rippling in his back as he worked. I longed
    to run my hands along that smooth, steel hard back of his.
    I leaned against the tree as I sipped my still cool beer. My cock felt
    heavy in my tight underpants. He had stripped down to his khaki pants.
    I felt overdressed and tugging on my shirt asked him if it was okay
    if I stripped down. With a grin he unbuttoned my shirt. Although my
    neck and arms were bronzed my torso was still milky white. He laughed
    when he saw the strange tan lines. My cock was fully hard when he
    lowered my pants. He tugged on my skimpy underpants and I stepped
    out of them.

    With a giggle he wrapped his dark, long fingered hand around my
    creamy white cock. And then he got down on his knees and buried
    his nose in my crotch and started sniffing me. He snuffled around
    in my pubes and under my balls. I felt incredibly sexy just then.
    A long ribbon of precum dripped down the length of my hard pole.
    He must have liked what he smelled for he suddenly stood up and
    stepped out of his shorts. His long slender cock towered up past
    his navel. It hadn't grown any longer but it was still a most impressive
    sight. It made a wonderful contrast to my hand as I wrapped my
    fist around it.

    We stood, in the shade of the tree, exploring each other's bodies;
    I got the impression that he was very turned on by my hairiness.
    Over and over he stroked my stomach, chest and legs. His balls
    were tiny compared to mine so that was another area of fascination
    for him. All in all we had a mutual admiration society going.

    I took a tub of margarine out of the cool box and lubed up his sausage.
    I placed it between my legs and thrilled at the feel of it prodding into
    the back of my balls. When it broke cover I admired the dark, slender
    head sticking out from my pale hairy thighs. Having him thrust between
    my thighs felt as good as having a cock inside me. I knew that I would
    never be able to handle his incredible length inside me as much as I
    might want to.

    He rested his head on my shoulders as he concentrated on the feelings
    dancing along the length of his cock. His hand worked my much thicker
    but shorter dick. He was mumbling something I couldn't understand.
    Over and over he said it; it sounded like a chant. And then a great
    flood of sticky warmth coated my balls. He shouted out in the joy
    of release. With his hard cock still wedged between my thighs he
    fisted my cock until I spurted my man cream into the African dust.

    He went into the hut and came back with an enamel jug and basin.
    He poured some water into the basin and wiped us both clean.
    I was touched by this gesture. I knew how precious a commodity
    water was when it wasn't on tap. I decided I wanted to do
    something for him in return. So I had him gather up all the
    containers that he owned and drove him back to the stream
    to fill them up.

    When we returned he served up the simple meal he had prepared.
    We sat flat on the mat as we ate it. Though it was basic, and eaten
    with a spoon out of a battered enamel bowl it seemed like a meal
    fit for a king. That's how he made me feel; as if I was the most
    important man in the world.

    After supper he picked up two beers and led me to a small
    hillock nearby. We sat and watched the westering sun put on its
    evening show. Around us the birds called and twittered as they
    prepared to roost. Besides the calls of the bush there was perfect
    peace. As I sipped my beer I thought about how fortunate I was
    to be experiencing all of this.

    It was almost dark when we returned to the hut. My new found friend
    lit a candle. I noticed that there was very little in the hut; just a few
    cooking utensils, a chair, a cupboard and a sleeping mat. He turned
    on the radio and pulled me down on the sleeping mat with him.
    I wondered how on earth I was supposed to get to sleep on such
    a hard surface. But when his hands started exploring my body again
    I realised that sleep would be the last of my worries.

    When he had explored every inch of my body with his hands he
    turned me over on my stomach. He began sucking my toes.
    I sighed as I felt the warmth of his mouth around them. It was
    a new experience for me and one that I thoroughly enjoyed. Next he
    started kissing up the back of my legs. When he reached the back
    of my knees I was a quivering wreck. A part of me wanted to let him
    carry on. But another part of me was desperate to cum and
    wanted hard sex.

    But he was firmly in control and carried on licking the back of my
    knees before moving up my thighs. He massaged my bum cheeks,
    roughly at first then more gently. Then I felt his tongue criss-crossing
    them. I shivered underneath him, desperately willing him to dive in.
    He took his time. When he had covered my cheeks in kisses he
    started licking up and down the crack, just skirting my fuck hole.
    And then as last he plunged in and I blacked out for a second or two.

    After ten minutes of pleasuring my hole he broke for air. I was slick
    with his spit and when he inserted a finger it glided in as if on rails.
    I saw him get up and rummage around in the cupboard. He returned
    with a jar of petroleum jelly and began to apply it to my arsehole.
    My earlier misgiving about being able to accommodate him had
    vanished. Very, very gently he worked the jelly into me. The clamps
    guarding my love chute relaxed their guard and he soon had three
    fingers inside me.

    He straddled my body and put just the tip of his throbbing cock
    against my sphincter. With a very gentle push his slender cockhead
    entered my hole. He moved it back and forth, fucking me with just
    the first inch of his foot long whopper. My arselips greedily gripped
    his cockhead, willing him to give me more. I begged him to fuck me,
    to give me all he had but he simply ignored me.

    For the longest time he fucked me with just the head of his cock.
    My arse was totally relaxed and open for business by this stage.
    And then just as slowly he started feeding me the rest of his meat
    sausage. When at last I felt his wiry pubes scratching my cheeks
    I knew I had taken him all. I could not believe that I had a foot
    of cock in my arse.

    Just as slowly as before he began to fuck me, using his full length now.
    I felt full and happy. My insides glowed with pleasure as he stroked
    through them. And then he began whispering his chant again. It built up,
    getting faster and louder. He was plowing into me now and I could
    take it. I urged him on, begging him to split me in two and fuck me into
    the dirt. He withdrew his long fuckrod and my arse puckered in protest
    and then such sweet bliss, he sank it back again. Over and over he
    fucked me this way until at last he could stand no more. He plowed
    back into me one last time. I could feel his powerful thigh muscles
    spasming as his cum pumped out of him.

    He lay his slender body down on my broad back. I could feel his heart
    racing against my back. As his panting calmed down his cock started
    to soften within me. He rolled off me and pulled me into an embrace.
    As he blew out the candle I knew it was going to be a long night.

    Daniel Blue more at danielbluetalesdotcom
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    kansas city
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    interracial yes, racist no. cool story!
  4. BigDuder

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    kansas city
    you'e right, the white man seeing the noble savage as source of pleasure is not racist at all. i stannd corrected.
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    San Francisco
    Take it to the Etc. page, this is fantasy, not politics.

    [PS: One wonders what a "100% straight" Republican is doing reading gay fiction in the first place . .. .

    Oh, these days, maybe one doesn't . . .]
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    kansas city
    fantasy can have racist overtones, and i am not a republican.

    also, i didn't think it was gay when i opened it. you notice i didn't call veronica devine's incredibly racist story racist right? that is because i jacked to it. these are the subtle lines i draw.
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