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    So, I'm restarting my PE routine, and this time I'm making a resolution to stick with it for no less than a year. Previously, I was hampered by some... personal problems, and so my progress was cut short, and I did not get to cement my gains.

    I actually started this routine about a week ago, but did not post anything up since I got distracted with some studying :p

    My starting measurements are as follows:

    BPEL = 6"
    Base girth = 5.125"
    Mid-shaft girth = 5.125"
    Head girth = 5.125"

    And my daily routine will be as follows:

    Warm-up stretches
    5 minutes jelqing with lube
    5 minutes dry jelqing
    Rub-down to cool off (no ejaculation).

    Note that I'm not fussed if I gain length over girth or vice-versa; I'm just doing this as a sort of sexercise, and I'm actually in it for the stamina bit. However, I decided that since I'm going to be training the PC muscle, why not add to its expansion load? LOL

    On the stamina front, I'm doing 50 five-second Kegels every night before I sleep, and also stretches of rapid Kegels throughout the day, whenever I'm seated upright (estimated Kegel count throughout the day is about 150 to 200). Will also be edging without ejaculation to prolong my lasting ability - not too impressive presently :(

    Ejaculation will only take place on my rest days, which are Wednesday and Sunday - from my past experience, PE occasionally affected my erection quality, but rest days negated the problem.

    So, at the end of every two weeks, if I'm able to, I'll be posting progress reports and measurements here in this thread to keep track :)
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