Afternoon Wood

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    I stepped out of the shop, feeling the cool air brush against my t shirt, gently pulling the material against my nipples. I shivered, my body denying the waves of heat that were pummeling the ground, turning the tarmac into sticky black liquid. I heard the door chime and turned round. James was standing behind me, wearing jeans and a black t shirt. He grinned, throwing a couple of coins my direction.
    'Thanks for that, I'll pay you back with sexual favors, yeah?' He winked. I laughed with him, biting back the urge to push him against the wall and plunge my tongue down his throat.

    James tore open the cellophane that was wrapped around the sausage roll he'd just bought with the money I'd lent him.
    'I need a piss.' I grimaced, as we slowly walked along the path. 'Come with me to the wood?'
    'Course.' He spoke round a mouthful of pastry.

    We walked for two minutes until we arrived at the densely forested copse and I slipped between two trees, wincing as a nettle stung my leg just under the hem of the 3 quarter lengths I was wearing. I jogged forward to a large tree and pulled my cock over the waistband of the shorts, letting my piss attack the peeling bark of the tree.
    'That feels so fucking good.' I released a quiet groan. 'I've been holding that in for hours.' James grinned, moving to a tree near mine and pulling his dick through the zipper of his jeans. His back was facing me so all I saw was a steady stream of yellow piss battering the nettles around the base of his tree. I saw his arse tense through the tight, faded jeans he was wearing, a fresh stream of urine blasting the dried ground. A puddle of muddy piss flowed between his legs, slowly edging towards his left foot. The fountain of piss stopped, and James' arm pumped for a second, releasing solitary drips of yellow onto the soggy leaves beneath him.

    When James turned around, he caught my gaze, then looked away as if he hadn't seen where I was looking. I felt a bubble of passion and lust rise in my stomach. I had to have that guys cock in my mouth. I wanted my hands on his tight arse. I wanted to hear him scream as his cum exploded onto my tongue. I beckoned for James to come over to me, pushing my cock back into the shorts. He walked over and I put my hand on his shoulder. He moved forward and pulled me into a bear hug, his warmth enveloping me. My hands moved down his back, resting on the seat of his pants. I felt him become tense, then relax and slide his hands down to my arse. I knew James was confused about his sexuality- he'd told me so himself, but I was still surprised by his hot hands slowly massaging my arsecheeks.

    I felt my cock stiffen, and apparently James felt it too, because he ground his crotch into my hard cock, kissing my neck and moaning softly. I stumbled forwards, pushing James against the trunk of a thick tree. My shaking hands moved round to his front, softly stroking his flat stomach through his top. He shivered with pleasure, pulling the top up and over his head. His large, round nipples stood erect, a drop of sweat sliding between his pecs. I kissed his nipples, feeling him tremble under the gentle touch of my searching tongue. His cock stood up in his jeans, straining against the denim.

    I undid the button, sliding my hand down his jeans, still keeping out of his boxers. His stiff cock twitched, a drop of pre-cum soaking through the starchy material.
    'Suck me. Please.' He stammered, digging his fingers into my shoulders as I teased his nipples with my tongue.
    'Not yet.' I whispered, glancing up at his red, sweaty face. In truth, I was finding it almost impossible not to rip his boxers off and envelop his cock in my hungry mouth. I was exploring the tent pole with sweaty fingers as I licked his nipples. His cock was fucking huge. I couldn't be sure without measuring, but it was at least 10 inches, and thick. His foreskin had rolled back, and I was eliciting gasps of pleasure from him by stroking the sensitive head gently.

    'Are you ready for me to suck your cock now?' I muttered.
    'Fuck yes!' He screamed, pushing me onto my knees and throwing his head back against the tree.
    I pulled his jeans down to his knees and tugged the boxers down slowly. His penis was dragged down with it, pulled downwards in a way that caused James visible pain. He bit his lip, closing his eyes. The end of the stiff cock was released from the boxers, and it sprang up, throwing a shower of pre-cum into my face.

    His long, hard cock was damp and clammy, hot with lust and sweat. Thick, blue veins stood out on the top of it, throbbing as he thrust forwards.

    I wrapped my hand around the base of the pulsing cock, teasing his piss slit with the tip of my tongue. A fresh wave of pre-cum bust from the slit, coating my tongue. Gathering up as much spit as I could, I licked the bottom of his shaft, dragging my tongue up to the tip as slowly as I could. James grabbed the back of my head, twisting his fingers into my hair and clenching his jaw as my tongue slid up and over his cock. I gently flicked his jap's eye with the tip of my tongue- a gasp and a groan coming from above my busy head -, then plunged forward without warning, taking the entire length of his cock down my gagging throat.
    'Oh FUCK! That's right!' Cried James, pushing deeper into my convulsing neck. I pulled away slowly, twisting my head as his cock slid out of my mouth. I spat on his shaft, rubbing it in with my spare hand before taking it all in my mouth again. 'You're such a good cocksucker!' Groaned James, stroking the back of my neck as I plunged forward again.

    His pulsating balls shot upwards, a blast of thick, creamy jizz exploding into the back of my throat. I swallowed fast, feeling the hot semen flow down my neck. James came again, this time pulling out of my gaping mouth and spraying cum into the air above my head.
    'No!' I gasped, scrambling to get his cock into my mouth again before he wasted more cum. He laughed, jetting more and more jizz into my hungry mouth before his cock went soft and he collapsed against the tree.
    'You're a fucking good cocksucker, you know that?' He panted as I wiped my lower lip with the back of my hand and stood up. I'd came in my boxers, and a damp patch was showing through the shorts I was wearing.

    'So... I guess this means we're both gay, then?' I murmured.
    'Or bi.'

    James glanced down at the massive puddle of cum that was on the ground next to where I'd been kneeling.
    'I'd love to return the favor someday.' He whispered. I winked at him, kissed his left nipple and pulled my shorts down to my ankles, my already stiff cock pointing at his face.
    'Why not now?'

    James grinned, and dropped to his knees in front of me. I closed my eyes and grinned. This was going to be good.
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    Great story - giving me Saturday morning wood!
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    nice story!
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