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    a1.jpg a2.jpg a3.jpg a4.jpg a5.jpg a7.jpg a8.jpg He's gone by a LOT of names over the years, but Ahmad E. Shukayr was a LEGEND. He's Jordanese and used to go by Mudd and Muddball, where he famously had sex with literally hundreds of women...but they always had to go up his ass. The man demanded nothing less than four fingers from every girlfriend, but he also went with a LOT of men too. The man was backdoor crazy!

    His real name is Ahmad E. Shukayr, but he went by his nickname on the fuck-circuit as Mudd or Muddball, but also as Mudd Abu Shgair, mudd5bull and mudd953bull.

    He's married now to a woman who knows absolutely nothing about his kinky past...but there's no way this guy could go from banging his way through the population, to going cold turkey.

    I don't know if anyone else has any photos of videos of him? Please post if you do!

    He used to be really activate on social media...until he "cleaned-up" his image and became a respectable husband.

    He mad is gorgeous! He has the biggest arms, a great chest and an well-used and experienced ass that's absolutely perfect!
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