Al Awaki had dinner at the pentagon

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    Weird story, say the fox pundits. Not weird to me.

    remember that laughable farce of an attack the underwear bombing?
    Supposedly inspired by this guy.
    rememebr the Ft. Hood shooting, where a soldier ordered to erase the footage of the shootings that he got on his cell phone?
    Soldier ordered to erase rampage video -
    Hasan was inspired by and talked to this guy.
    Homegrown Terror: The Journey From Alienation to Jihad - WNYC
    remember 9/11?
    Are Anwar al-Awlaki’s Ties to 9/11 Strong Enough for the Government to Kill Him?
    this guy.

    dot 1 to dot 2 to dot 3 to dot 4. Easy. Connect the dots.

    What happens today?
    Why it's Adam Gadahn, the son of a rabbi, real naem Adam Pearlman, dressed up like a scary terrorist, "american al queada" urging attacks on the United states!


    It's just so fucking ridiculous! LoL!! How much longer is this charade going to last? Everybody already knows Gadahn is a fake! LoL!!
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