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    Hey guys, I'll be visiting NYC and LA soon.

    I posted this on craigslist, so I'm just copying and posting here. :)

    If any of the following apply, it's an automatic NO REPLY from me:

    - You're a flabby unhealthy fatty. No I don't mean, you have a bit of a gut or you're thick. You know when you're just gross.
    - You're a diva, queen, or a bitch.
    - You do ANY drugs other than weed.
    - You smoke any form of tobacco
    - You're HIV + or have ANY STDS
    - You're the typical Abercrombie/Aeropostale "straight acting" wannabe. If you have to "act" then it's not authentic!
    - You're over 50
    - You don't reply with a pic
    - You lie about your cock size, or can't own what you've got
    - You wear cologne
    - You don't like hairy guys
    - You hate or make fun of punks, hippies, freaks, goths, hipsters, disabled, etc...
    - You do drag as a hobby
    - You're looking for a boyfriend out of this post
    - You're racist, heterophobic, misogynistic, overly political, or hostile about spirituality/religion

    Here's some things that TURN ME ON:

    Role play about cheating, cock size, humiliation, or ball busting
    Exhibitionism (stuff like - ordering pizza just so the delivery dude sees you bulging in your underwear :)
    Massages (Intense deep tissue or relaxing and gentle)
    Slow passionate kissing, body contact, and cuddling
    A talented gentle top
    A patient sweet natured bottom
    A not quite so sure what you are, curious dude who's willing to learn
    Hanging out naked
    Big, huge, and massive cocks
    Med, small or tiny cocks on good looking or outgoing affectionate nice guys
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