Alfred Kinsey

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    Apparently he had a "larger than average" penis? Saw a programme about it on TV. One of his contemporaries called him a sexual retard. He apparently had sexual dysfunctions and experimented/had sex with men.

    Found this online:


    His honeymoon was disasterous: virgin at marriage, he had little idea how to deflower his bride.(The fact that he'd scheduled a trek up the White Mountains during blizzard season helped to delay matters..) Worse, when he tried, following the instructions from his trusty Marriage Manual by Van de Velde, his wife complained of excruciating pain. The next generation of Kinseys was seriously in doubt, when he made the decision to take the problem to the family doctor. There, after a thorough examination, Mrs. Kinsey was found to have a thicker-than-usual perforate hymen, and Kinsey himself, a larger-than-usual penis, however somewhat less than adequate to the job at hand. Quick work with a scalpel solved the problem, and the Kinseys were soon blessed with four children. With characteristic thoroughness, Kinsey found himself reading and discussing "the sex thing".

    Not sure about the veracity of the info but it sounds like perhaps he was uncut and had some sort of surgery performed on his frenulum?

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