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    I am essentially willing to try any pair of underwear once. I have a bit of an underwear fetish... I have something like 350 pair of underwear that I purchased in the last two years alone. That doesn't include boxers and boxer briefs that I never wear except to sleep in. So with that level of obsession about clothing that only I ever see (yeah, it's rough being a zombie) I've become sort of an expert on the subject.

    Here's the objection to Alio pocket underwear that would keep me from buying a pair even though they're comparatively cheap (a pair of cin2's with a sling could be as much as 30 bucks); it has a 30 day money back guarantee. That means there's been enough of an issue with them so as to warrant trying to get people to buy them however they can.

    There also don't seem to be a whole lot options on that site either (I just did a once over, I could be wrong.) Bottom line; if that's the effect you're after (enhancing) other brands do it better with less of a risk of it just not working the way you want it to, in brighter colors and in considerably more cuts.

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