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    Hi, sorry if this is a retread... but are there any sites anyone can recommend for straight people who are more open minded and interested in sex to connect??

    For example: Adult Friend Finder, although i think it's a scam for men, because there are a lot of fake profiles.

    The one i recently like is Fetlife. but it's more for BDSM.

    Outside of Craigs list, are there any good sites where straight guys can hook up with girls?

    I've had some luck with Match, met some former porn stars on there actually. There's Plenty of Fish and Okcupid.

    are there any more you can recommend? or know of?

    thank you!

    Here's my break down:

    Adult friend finder: a lot of fake female profiles.
    LifestyleLounge: for swingers, not single male friendly, and must get certified to participate.
    Fetlife: good, but mainly BDSM
    Plenty of Fish: free, cheap, but most women there are looking for relationships.
    OkCupid: good, has listings for BI-Girls etc. Free, not really a fan of the format of it.
    Match: had some crazy sexual experiences on there, some 3somes even some former porn stars, BUT women on there are looking for relationship.

    I've also seen ads for Zoosk? or something. the hard part is, is often times these sites have fake female profiles.
    there was a 7orabove. website for guys with "big dicks" but there weren't a lot of women on it.

    my 2 cents.

    thank you!
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