Am I the only one that has this happens regularly to?

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    I started a thread on the Women's forum regarding the whole Pink Glove, vaginal clinging effect. In a nutshell, this is when the guy's cock pulls on the vagina so much that the inside walls get dragged out with the dick on the outstroke.

    I realized way too late that the phenomenon (for me at least) was always visible during doggy style. Unless a complicated set of mirrors were used (or it was filmed) a woman would probably never be aware of this. In fact when I mentioned this to my wife the first time, she was completely surprised.

    On to my question...

    How often does this happen to you guys and what are your theories on why this happens?

    As for me, it's always happened with every woman I've done doggy style with. Here's my theory:

    I learned very early in my sex life that queefs were a no-no. So to prevent that, when I enter her during doggy, I make sure my cockhead never even sees the light of day until we're done with the position. That way air never leaks in while we're fucking. I have a feeling this gets exaggerated because my dick has a baseball bat shape to it as well.

    So, what say you?
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