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    Still consider myself to be straight, never been with a guy before but years ago I was watching a porno and came across a guy with a dick so big:eek: I couldn't help but think about what it would be like to suck him off. For too long I've suppressed my fantasy in fear of what my friends would think. Stuff it, the thought of BIG thick cock gets me going and it's time to act. The problem is that it's only a well endowed guy that gets me excited, i'm not attracted to guys in general. If theres a big pair of titties within view I'm on them. There lies the problem, I REALLY want to do this but how do I find a well hung guy, so here I am. I'm 100% genuine, can travel and may be able to accommodate if discrete. If theres anyone interested I'm in Central Scotland and will disclose more if your serious.
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