Amazing fast dick growth,highest atractivness to chikcs and problems.

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    Month after the experiment different herbs and supplements to increase testosterone level (yohimbe, catuaba, muira puama, paravol and really powerfull as I think tongkat ali )
    now I unfortunately experience ED and few days ago even a problem in in blood circulation.
    My tesotsterone level during this time was on the extreme values,really high libido,total self confidence and really big attractiveness to chicks) Now everything is going back to normal on my system but after 10 days of not use tongkat ali I still feel it`s working somehow.
    The problem is that I would like to recover as soon as possible high as possible EQ and I saw on the net that people had same problem.
    After prolonged using this powerfull herb ( tongkat ali, even that during on-cycle you are "Jack with walking stick" and dick is seriously growing, workout is giving really big results) but after discontinuation TA genitals are even smaller than before :/.
    I would like to see my unit back asap, especially that pulling some chick is really ease now with this level of self confidence.
    Mayby appear here an experienced person who will advice on my erection recovery program(especially with this description -long high cholesterol diet,now healthy and many excersises.
    I`ll add that Im going to do intense workout,with stamina excersisess,kegels and other, I bought as well book The Hardness Factor by Steven Lamm (really great book) and Im going to do hard job to see my unit back ready to some action but especially Im interested if somenoe here (mayby some MD) can advice what to obtain as soon as possible rock hard erection do especially now, after this month full of desire, aggression, smiled chicks casued by an increase in the level of testosteron by those suplement and hebrs.
    Regards Tyraxor !
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    Not sure if this will help you or not...

    When taking Steroids anyone with half a brain runs a Post Cycle Therapy. This is basically done so you keep the majority of your gains, and restart your test production. When getting excess levels of testosterone from other areas, your nuts basically say, "Looks like you don't need my testosterone anymore!"

    That's one of the reasons people who do steroids have the stigma of "shrinking balls". Your balls basically go on vacation, hell I would too if someone else was doing my job for me, and are waiting for you to call them back to work. The PCT is basically the "time to come back to work" call.

    What you've done is thrown an excess amount of test into your body and just pretty much stopped the things that were giving you that testosterone boost. Therefore, your body is feeling the decline in testosterone and you're feeling the effects.

    Your body will come back to normal in a short period of time, there are people that do a cycle of 'roids with no PCT, which is much worse than what you've done.

    Just give it time.
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