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    Okay. I did the heretical. I re-joined AOL. What can I say? I was really bored. Nobody was around on Yahoo, and I didn't feel like hunting down a chat room. I needed something different. The bonus was that AOL offers free access to its software if you have a broadband connection, which I do, (and I imagine most of their users take advantage of it). Maybe all those $27.90 or whatever ridiculous monies they charge for dial-up for users left 10 plus years behind technology-wise makes up for it.

    [end snark]

    It's all pretty familiar. I did AOL chat as a kid and, overall, it hasn't changed much. Same ol' rooms. I'm browsing through them, and I see a whole lot of m4m content and some rooms marked "str8." Click, click.

    Okay, what did I get myself into?

    You know, in a weird way, these rooms aspire to be a microcosm of LPSG. In one room entitled "str8 and VERY big," it seems the premise is to get a bunch of big-dicked guys together. I imagine "well hung dudes for oral or asspounding" might be too many characters for a chat room listing, not sure. A lot of measurements, some more evident than others; some pictures, some certainly unsolicited, and a lot of them already well passed around. It's like these guys are months, years behind other people faking those same pictures.

    Heteroflexibility is an understatement.

    Now, I'm a 90-10. I'll look it and whip it out if I have something to prove; oftentimes, I don't. It isn't a big deal in the chat room. I use the screen capture from an old cam photo, the pic I used to have in my gallery -- if I'm feeling up to it.

    Quite a range. I'm a 90-10 pitted against at least 50-50s if not more gay. I remember asking about the whole "str8" title and I think it just got a chuckle, like somehow I wasn't in on the joke. Is str8 short for straight to the next cock?

    In fairness, I've talked to a couple of guys on there who might be more in my boat and maybe good candidates for this place if they get with the photo verification. You know, maybe these guys are using the room to help indulge in a little fantasy or risqueness that they couldn't get away with otherwise. I can sympathize. I'm on a big dick group for cryin' out loud. But, I think once you get an offer for phone sex or an out-and-out request to get sucked off, I think the bell goes off and you have to excuse yourself from the conversation...

    It's so strange -- kinda weirdly fascinating.
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