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    “Mr. Jesse! Mr. Jesse! Can you understand me?” asked the doctor.

    “Who’s Jesse? Where am I? What’s my name? Am I Jesse?”

    I didn't know this at the time, but I was in a bad car accident and lost my memory. I saw movies about people who suffered from amnesia, but I never thought it’d be like this. That moment was the scariest feeling in the world; not knowing who you are.

    “Hi, Jesse. I’m Dr. Kory. I’ll be your doctor for the next couple of weeks or until you recover.” smiled Dr. Kory. He had a beautiful smile. It’s one of the first things I remember after the car accident. Dr. Kory was a young doctor; almost too young. He seemed to know what he was doing so I never questioned him.

    “Okay, my name is Jesse? Can you tell me more about…well…me?” I asked Dr. Kory.

    “Of course!” he kindly replied.

    Dr. Kory was very helpful getting me back on my feet that week. He told me so much information about myself, and the world for that matter, but nothing helped to bring back my memory. I was 22-year-old’s in my first year of medical school in Rome. That explained why my family wasn’t there by my side when I finally came to. On my way to my brother’s for winter break, I got into a car accident driving back. That was a week ago. So many questions rushed through my mind and I asked Dr. Kory every single one. You could really sense he was trying his best to help me.

    Within 2 weeks, I was back on my feet. I wasn’t jogging down the halls but I was able to slowly get around. After a month of intense rehab, I was able to get around on my own. Dr. Kory helped me every single step of the way. This was when I first experienced “new” feelings. I wasn’t sure if I were gay before the accident but it was clear to me that I thought Kory was hot. I can’t forget his smile. Every time he smiled at me, I couldn’t help but feel happy. He was very cute with boyish looks. It still amazed me how he was a doctor. He also had a great body.
    One day, I caught myself staring at him as he bent down to pick up some supplies from the floor. His ass was right in my view and I don’t think I blinked once. Dr. Kory definitely had a nice ass and I think he knew it. Right before he stood back up, he glanced back caught me. I acted like I was looking at something else but I think he knew I was staring at his ass. Surprisingly, he smiled again and continued doing his work.

    “How are you feeling today, Jesse?”

    “I’m doing fine, Dr. Kory…”

    “You know, you can just call me Kory.” he interrupted.

    “Ok. Well, I’m doing fine, Kory.”

    “I know it’s been hard trying to get your memory back, but I’m here for you, buddy.”
    That night, I had a dream about Kory. He was giving me a physical to document my progress. No one else was in the room but him and me.

    “Can you undress for me please, Jesse?”

    I get undressed for him, but while I undress, he get’s undressed too. He walks over to me and brushes his hands over my body, as if inspecting every piece of me. His hand brushes past my chest and he gently massages my nipple. He goes further down and rubs my abs. His other hand grabs my ass and he squeezes it tight. He hand goes even further down and he grabs my cock. It feels so good that I forget it’s a dream. Right before he leans in to kiss me, I wake up. I don’t remember my other dreams before this one but I’m sure it’s the best dream I ever had. All I could think about after that night was Kory. I wanted my dream to become a reality. I wanted Kory’s lips to meet mine.

    The day before I left to go home to my brother’s place, Kory made sure he paid a visit.

    “Are you all ready to go?” Kory asked with his brilliant smile.

    “I think so. Thank you sooooo much for your help Kory. I don’t know where I’d be right now if it weren’t for you.”

    “Don’t sweat it, Jesse. It’s my job. I’m gonna miss you around here.”

    He’s gonna miss me, I thought to myself. Kory’s going to miss me. I knew I was going to miss him, but it was great to know I grew on him as much as he grew on me.

    “My brother said I might need more assistance at home. Are you willing to stop by from time to time for more rehab.” I asked.

    Kory’s eyes lit up when I asked him. “I think I can actually do that, Jesse. We'll talk to your brother more about this but I think we can make it happen."

    I'm going to see Kory more, I thought to myself. It was amazing to know I still had a chance with him. I know it's not what I should've been thinking but I felt like Kory was a part of my life now. He's one of the only things I knew and cared about since the accident. I may not see him everyday, but I’ll get to see my hot doctor again.
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    Keep It Going!!!!! Continue!
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