An evening in the garden

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    As there were a few requests for a continuation of what happened after The Meeting. Enjoy. Writing is fun once again... :biggrin1:



    On my knees
    His crotch just at eye level
    Blue jeans, slightly straining
    Trying to contain what's inside
    His hands unbuckling the belt
    Pulling it from the loops
    Smooth leather side against my neck

    Feel the pressure increasing
    Pulling my head towards him
    Scratching my nose
    Lips pressed tightly against the fabric
    Underneath, heat, slow minute movements
    Growing, hardening

    That scent again; heavy, intoxicating, masculine
    Familiar, yet still strange
    Memories rising to the surface
    Of standing against a wall
    Hands held up above my head
    Having him push into me
    Taking my breath away
    Losing myself in the thought
    Getting wet in anticipation

    "Focus, you're not here with me"

    The voice snaps me out of my head
    Back to the here and now

    "Rise and undress"

    Removing clothes, one by one
    Until nothing is left

    "Turn around slowly, let me look at you"

    The voice is gentle, but with an undertone
    Saying he's not to be trifled with
    Not tonight
    Not ever
    His eyes wandering over me
    Taking in the curves
    Smoothness and ivory color
    Contrasting against his own olive tone

    "On your knees again, back towards me, head down, eyes closed"

    The rapid flow of words and the commanding tone surprises
    Makes the stomach turn
    Butterflies, anticipation
    And that wetness spreading between my legs
    Drop down
    Head bent forward
    Hear the steps behind

    Thick leather against my neck again
    His hands fastening the collar
    Hear the click
    Feel the weight and chill of the chain
    As it drops down between my breasts
    Blindfold covering my eyes with sudden darkness
    Shiver slightly as the straps tighten against my head

    "There... It's OK, you're a good girl ma petite"

    The soothing hand on my shoulder
    And the voice in my ear
    Relaxing me
    Fingers stroking my neck
    Down between the shoulderblades
    Up over the sides of the back

    "Rise and turn towards me. No hands this time."

    Push myself up with only toes and heels
    Unsteady and not very graceful
    It takes more strength than expected
    A tug at the chain
    His hand around my back
    Cold stone under my feet
    Creaking door and the scent of lavender
    Moving towards me

    A sudden sense of panic
    Dig my heels into the floor
    Tense up

    "Yes, I know this is uncomfortable ma petite.
    This is part of learning to trust.
    There is no one outside.
    You know what the garden looks like.
    Hedges around.
    No one can look in."

    Again that soothing voice
    Close to my ear
    Sweet, relaxing
    Hand on my neck
    Soft, tender
    Another tug at the chain
    Grass under my feet
    And that strong lavender
    Filling my nose

    Hands on shoulders
    Pushing me down on my knees again
    Except for the silent rustling of leaves
    Slow wind
    Nipples hardening
    Both from being exposed, not knowing, not seeing
    And from the sudden chill

    Chain tugging
    Pulling my head towards him
    Nose and lips meeting
    Naked flesh this time
    Hot, heavy
    Covering my face from chin to forehead
    Head tracing the outline of the face
    Then outline of the lips
    Then pressing against them

    Open wide and accept him into my mouth
    Jaw strained just from closing lips around
    Slowly pushing deeper
    Gag reflex kicking in
    Choking, coughing
    Quick stroke over my cheek

    "Good girl. No more than that today.
    You'll learn to accept more with time."
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