An important notice about your Yahoo! Profiles photo/Censorship at Yahoo!

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    Just to let you all know... I just received this email from the "Yahoo! Profiles Team", (whoever they are):


    We're making some changes that will affect your Yahoo!
    profiles. After April 9, 2008, mature content will not be
    permitted within Yahoo! Profiles.

    In accordance with this new policy, users will no longer be able to
    designate an "adult profile," and mature content will be removed.

    The profile for the Yahoo! ID onan_mann is marked "adult."
    The picture associated with this profile will be removed and
    deleted on April 9, 2008.

    We encourage you to upload a new profile photo on that date that
    complies with the Yahoo! Terms of Service and Community
    Guidelines. Please take a moment to review our Terms of Service
    and Community Guidelines.

    For additional information or to learn how to get a copy of your
    photo before April 9, 2008, please visit our help pages:

    Thank you,

    The Yahoo! Profiles Team


    Just to let you know, my profile pic is only of my Levi's 501's bulge.

    YahooIM is an incredible thing in many ways, for connecting with like-minded people/perverts... but Yahoo is obviously bowing to the prudish conservatives, once again.

    At least there is to fill the void! And MSN/WindowsLive

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