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    Greetings, On another thread an LPSG Moderator has proposed a Calendar. I have sent my images in for consideration. I post it here because I ran on the thread quite by accident. I think the idea should get more exposure here on this topic.

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    LPSG Calendar?
    Would you be willing to submit a pic of yourself for a calendar for LPSG members only?

    What month would you be and why? We may have more than twelve entries so suggest a week or day you'd like to represent as well.

    Any particular pose you'd want to be in for the pic? Theme? Or simply a pic of your patented part?

    This is not intended as a popularity contest so please only submit yourself for this. If there is someone you'd love to see take part please PM them with a link to this thread suggesting their participation.

    Let's see who's got the balls to go glossy.
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