An other newbie??? Oh ya.:)

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    Another newbie??? Sure why not, and after all, isn’t this how we learn about who we are, and what we need to do???

    As for me, I'm a member at a few other web sites, and have found that I was given a gift, so to speak. It has it's ups, and downs, errrr, well, you know what I mean, LOL... Like most here, I have learned how to deal with hot women, cold water, and the one I have had to deal with on more than one occasion while shopping at the mall, the prim and proper 'lady' who is going to "save the world from perverts like" me !!! I wear tight shorts, and loose pants, but I still get The Stare ( and women say GUYS have eye trouble )...

    I have even gone as far as to register with Police and sex offender organizations in town here, and in surrounding communities, with medical documentation, that I am NOT an offender, nor am I a threat.

    I am retired from Uncle Sam's Army. I have stood my ground in the jungle, and worked other 'rescue' operations all over this big blue ball. to date, I find I am afraid of very few things. One,,,, Zippers....... Ya, and I got the scares to prove it. But the one that scares me the most, are girls who are coming of age ( 15 / 16 ), and are going to do what ever they feel like to shall we say well equipped guys, just because they get the urge!!!

    Sorry, I degres......

    I am semi retired, and am here to learn more about life, as it has been presented to me... For now, I will sit back and read, and post every now and then, so until we meet again,,,

    TDY :smile:
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