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    I started playing with my ass a lot when I was in high school. After fooling around over a period of time, I learned how to keep it clean and sexy. By taking a shit and a bath, I could get my asshole super clean and feces-free. It was seriously as if my ass was nothing but a tight, slick sexhole; shit was out of the picture.

    Sometimes I'd get really horny on the bus ride home from school, so when I got off the bus I'd walk the two blocks home with my half-hard cock hanging out of my unzipped fly. If I was home alone I could have a lot of fun. I had a homemade dildo fashioned out of the end of a broomstick. I know that sounds rough and splintery, but it was actually completely smooth and felt great when I lubed it up with vaseline and slid it 7 or 8 inches up inside of my body. I loved to stand up with it inside me and feel it slide out.

    I loved to finger and fuck my ass while jerking. Sometimes I'd do it laying in bed. Othertimes, I'd be cybering with my my male buddy and I'd send him videos of me fucking myself. The hottest vid I remember sending was when I laid the camera on the ground and crouched above it with a boner and a broomstick in my ass. You could see everything in one frame: my cock, my ass, my torso, and my orgasmic face. My buddy told me that one really got him off.

    Sometimes I'd go sit on a swing we had in the backyard and surreptitiously finger myself under my shorts. I loved feeling super clean and relaxed and getting two or three fingers up there. This part may sound gross, but I seriously felt so clean that I'd smell and taste them - and they didn't smell like ass; they smelled like dick and precum.

    I'm really turned on just thinking about it. I haven't seriously fucked myself in a couple years now, but I'm inspired to get an empty beer bottle and try it again for old times sake.

    Feel free to share your personal experiences. Being a heterosexual male, I'd love to hear from any of our beautiful ladies whether they enjoy exploring both holes when they're by themselves.
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