Anal sex advise please!

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    So I have been dating this 19 year old girl for about a month (I am 34) the reason I state my age is until her I had never even had anal sex and that's all she wants. I maybe fuck her in the pussy for ten minutes then it on to anal. Don't know if it a generational thing or not but the women my age have always said your not putting that in there. My question is her favourite position is her on top facing me anal. My dick just won't bend that much and it actually kind of hurts me. I will usually do it until she cums but then I will do doggy style. Just wondering since I am new to anal if there are any other positions or tricks that might get her off and keep my dick free from pain. I would just like any advise. Thanks
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    If you prefer vaginal then try a vibrating butt plut with her doggy style so that you can be in her vaginally and your pelvis will hold the butt plug in. You will both get what you want and can be equally satisfied. Good Luck.
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