Anal sex....advise...stories?

Discussion in 'Women's Issues' started by Imported, Aug 30, 2004.

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    ugajen1: Hey everyone ...Im new...

    I recently started having sex with a guy ive been dating for 8 months. I waited so long because he is very big (dont know exactly). Ive had sex with six other guys and none were near his size...and most of those I had anal sex with. I was very scared about that at first, but I actually like it now...

    My question there anything different about anal sex with a large guy that I should be worried about? Is is good? Bad? Better? Worse? Sex with him is so much better than the others, but I don't know about putting something that big back there....he hasnt asked but i want to try it...what do you think?
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    Talk to him
    If hes into it, go for it. Don't get hung up on his size. Use lots of lube, tons of foreplay. Make sure that he understands that YOU decide if you need to stop. If you do need to stop, remember, it doesnt mean you wont want to try again, just not tonight. Making love is about the enjoyment of everyone. If one person isnt having a good time, try something different until everyone is getting off. The choises are limitless.
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    LB is right. They key is lots of lube, Fem takes control, and LOTS of foreplay to help you relax. I've heard from several "large" men that it's more about technique and less about the size and even with average guys, I can certainly see that being the case.
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