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    102 own cock (see my pics if you'd like) is 8x6 when fully hard. I am a top mainly but vers, and do enjoy bottoming from time to time. But in my experience I have come to decide that if I had an "ideal" size to bottom for it would be in the 5.5-7 range. The first time I ever bottomed the guy was in the 8.5-9 range and probably 6.5 in girth. HUGE. I took it all and it was GREAT sex. But I seem to enjoy better a guy a little closer to average or slightly above average.

    Anyone else? And what's your reasoning. I tried to find a similar thread with no luck, so if this has already been posted, my apologies!
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    At the risk of soundling like a size queen, I have to say the bigger the better for me. Nothing insanely huge like 14" long and 8" girth but a nice 8" or 9" with a nice 5.5" or 6" girth always feels great to me. I get some pleasure from smaller but it's just not the same. FYI, I have bottomed for a guy with a true 12" and it was so awesome. I've been hooked on hung ever since.
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