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    I decided to post this here, because it is a women's issue, this is what it is about. Women. However it also is matter of general relevance and could therefore be discussed in the political forum.

    I recently talked about the Oscars, and made a remark that it is unfair that for a conventional love story, Man and Woman can receive an Oscar for the same movie. If we do take the same story and just make it into a homosexual love story, it is no longer possible for both protagonists to win this award.
    Even if it would be the same story, the same roles.
    Is it fair that the gender determines what is a lead and what a supporting role?

    I continued to think about what would happen if that wouldn't be the case.
    And not surprisingly i came to the conclusion that a lot less women would receive that award. So i hit google to see if there is some factual ground to base my theory on. And i found quite a few interesting numbers,

    According to the Motion Picture Association of America.
    In 2010 50% of all tickets were sold to women, in 2009 it were even slightly more.

    Theatrical market statistics 2010

    I conclude from that that women contributed half of the total revenue Hollywood manages to accumulate in 2010. Then i saw a list of Vanity Fair, which certainly is not a very reliable source, yet i think believable in this case.
    Showing, that of the 40 top earners of Hollywood in 2010, only 6 were women. And only 2 of the top 20. Interesting also that the top female earners are all actresses, while 4 of the top 6 earners are Directors, and seem to be in a position of more power. There is NO female director on the list. And i do have a hard time coming up with a "blockbuster" that was directed by a women.

    Vanity Fair, HollywoodÂ’s Top 40

    I continued to research and found out, that in 2009 only 18 out of the top 100 grossing films did have a focus on a female, which includes a couple of animated movies.

    And that on the Top 250 grossing films the percentage of women working in a position of responsibility as Director, Writer, Editor etc. was 16%.
    For Directing and Writing the percentages are even in the single digits.
    Quite surprising seeing how half of the audience are women.
    But apparently Hollywood is a still a mans world.

    Women behind the scenes

    I am interested in hearing your thoughts, and especially your personal perception. If you go to the movies, do you feel represented as a women?
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