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    Jun 23, 2006
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    Is anyone here an avid Law and Order watcher? If you are, and you're a straight guy, then you probably melt at that sultry, sexy voice of Angela Harmon (aka A.D.A. Abby Carmichael). Angie is my definition of hot. She's not like Keira Knightley (sp?) in that you can only really say "Oh she's pretty and has a great smile," but rather she's beatiful, hott, sexy, etc. in just about every way. People usually make fun of her voice, but I think that's the sexiest part about her...I always imagine she somehow damaged her voice from moaning passionately during lots and lots of sex :biggrin1:. Here's a site that'll show you a few nude pics...and will also get you hard. I know I did!

    Google Image Result for
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