Animal Rights vs Ethnic Culture Clash

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    Calif. shark fin bill would ban Chinese delicacy

    There's no easy answer.... basically, the claim on dwindling shark populations and the "slash n' burning" of them for the sake of their fins, vs. an argument that most of the shark is actually utilized...extended all the way to the claim of a "catastrophic collapse" of the shark population.

    Assembly Bill 376 says the California market for the expensive dish is helping drive rampant illegal shark finning in international waters. The practice involves cutting off the tails and fins of living sharks, which are then thrown back into the ocean to suffer and die.
    The shark fin trade is believed by many scientists to be responsible for a catastrophic collapse in the worldwide shark population.

    Regardless of the answer, the local political hack... the same bozo who jumped on Rush Bloatbaugh... waved his race card wildly in the air, even against other Asians. I know this may shock of few LSPGers that see the big (D) next to his name and assume him flawless one and another... but Leland Yee is yet again a hack.

    State Sen. Leland Yee, who is running for mayor of San Francisco, called AB376 an "attack on Asian culture."
    "Right now, Costco sells shark steak," Yee said. "What are you going to do with the fin from that shark? This is another example in a long line of examples of insensitivity to the culture and traditions of the Asian American community."

    Blah blah blah. Maybe Yee thinks Fong is a 'twinkie'... but fuck off. Unless the entire shark is used to save children from luekemia. Otherwise, if the catastrophic shark population is what is claimed ... stuff your fucking race card up your ass Yee.

    I love it when libertards set their own political tripwires for each other to trip over and set off.
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    Could you clarify the point of the thread? Because I am not clear what we are suppose to discuss.

    The shark population's decline is bogus?

    The shark population is declining and it is a disaster?

    Or Senator Yee is a hack?

    Or the Asians are causing a environmental disaster with their food preferences?

    Not sure this topic is presently clearly enough Face.
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    Usual OP from faceking that pokes at liberals. Check.

    Yet another unprovoked reference to 'race cards' made by faceking. Check.
    What does that make now... a million or something?

    Plus given the subject matter, perhaps he could have presented this in an earlier thread he created about the same politician?

    And his favorite word... "libertards". :rolleyes:
    That's enough for me to not provide anymore additional commentary in this thread.
    Seriously, if there was a way to place full threads on ignore instead of individual posts I would do it in a heartbeat.
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