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    I decided to try something a little different this time, I hope you all like it!

    It was the day of our second wedding anniversary. I rushed home from work, and Jimmy met me, smiling. His hot tanned body was on display as he had only just crisp white boxers. "Natasha," he gasped my name and took my hand, then led me straight to our bedroom.

    A bottle of champagne and expensive chocolates waited on the bedside table. I started to suggest that maybe I should change into one of the fine pieces of lingerie I had recently purchased.

    "No, don't be silly," he said, and sat me down on the bed. Jimmy pulled my heels off, and rubbed my feet. Seated beside me, he fed me and we shared a glass of fine bubbly. He ran my hand through my hair and caressed my cheek, then brushed his fingers over my lips.

    Staring into my eyes, I caught and sucked his thumb. I could tell by the look in his eyes, that he fucking loved it.

    "Damn," he mumbled, and slipped one strap from my shoulder. I moaned softly as he suckled my tit.

    We shared a long kiss. Then he nuzzled my face, raised my skirt and rubbed the front of my panties slowly. "You know, Natasha, we've tried nearly everything you've suggested in this bedroom. I've spanked you with a paddle. I've tied you up to the headboard and teased you till you begged for my cock. And you know it was so hot to share you with another girl! You've got a really dirty mind. But there's one thing I just wasn't ready for. You know which one. Well, Natasha, I've decided. I'm ready now!"

    My eyes widened. My mouth fell open, but no sound came out. I watched my husband rise and step back. Both eyes smiling at me, he parted his lips. "Okay, it's time!"

    The bathroom door opened. Two men entered, naked. Their cocks were hard, with clear condoms already in place. For an instant I wondered where he found them. Whenever I mentioned my desire to see Jimmy with other men, I stressed the idea of it being with anybody we knew. Then I realized what a minor point that was - my husband of two years was about to have sex with two men right in front of me!
    Mouth dry, I kept my eyes locked on Jimmy.

    He continued facing me as the men, one very tanned with blond hair, one more pale with brown hair, positioned themselves on either side of him. They guys looked hot, but Jimmy looked better. I asked for this, I reminded myself. He's doing this for me.

    I forced a shy smile and blew Jimmy a kiss. His dimples showed. Turning to his left, he motioned for the blond to suck on his nipples. He must have done a good job, because Jimmy's head titled back and his breath got heavier.

    But then suddenly, he was searching my face for approval. I took one hand and slipped it down into my panties. He smiled for me, then offered the second stranger and inviting grin.

    The brown haired stranger tried to kiss him, but Jimmy shook his head.
    "Sorry," he said sternly. "That's for my wife."

    An odd warmth came over me as I realized that Jimmy would fuck these guys for my viewing pleasure, but his kisses were all mine!

    So there was my husband, nude and smiling just for me while two handsome strangers rubbed their hands all over his body. My pussy tingled, becoming very wet. My fingers felt so good on it.

    The blond kissed a path down Jimmy's body till he settled on his knees. Then, clasping Jimmy's hips, he dove forward and loudly feasted on his big hard cock. I watched his eyes close and his mouth dropped open in pleasure.

    The other stud moved behind him, where he planted his lips on the base of his neck and whispered something into his ear.

    My husband nodded. He cupped both hands around the kneeling man's head and thrust himself deeper into his mouth. His face twisted, leaving no doubt he was on the brink of cumming.

    The his hands gently urged the cocksucker back. Once he was out of the way, Jimmy fell to the floor on his knees. Staring at me again, he let the brown haired hunk guide him forward, onto his elbows.

    I relaxed, even as I savoured the sight of my husband being fucked doggystyle, hard and fast, by some nameless stranger! And when he began to pound away even harder, I could tell Jimmy was getting off on this. The brown haired guy shot his load into the condom and stroked Jimmy's cock a bit before stepping aside.

    For the blond's turn, Jimmy turned on his side. He positioned himself so the blond could stretch out behind him. The blond guided his big dick into Jimmy's ass.

    But all the while it was my face that Jimmy stared at, even through all of the action, it was my pleasure that concerned him. The blond shot off pretty quickly and filled his condom with a huge moan and loads of jizz. Jimmy didn't cum throughout all that - at least not until he saw me have a great orgasm.

    He thanked both guys politely and sent them packing. Then Jimmy walked over to where I was sitting and kissed me - a wet passionate kiss. I lowered my head, put my tongue out and licked up every drop of cum from his stomach. Finally, I peered up at him, smiling. "Is it my turn now?"

    I laughed and turned to him. My husband was still hard - and it was all mine!
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