Annoying Gym People(First in a Continuing Series)-"The Cologne/Perfume Dowser"

Discussion in 'Et Cetera, Et Cetera' started by pdxman, Jun 14, 2008.

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    The "Perfume/Cologne" dowser is first in a series of "Annoying Gym People" I will post periodically. Feel free to post your comments about the current annoying gym person or post your own "annoying gym person" experience.

    Is there nothing worse than getting on an aerobic machine and then having some chick dowsed in some horrific perfume getting next to you? I mean she is wearing so much you can't breath. Why do fucking people dowse themselves in perfume for a workout? And its not limited to women either. Men are guilty of the same thing but not to the extent of women. Usually these are the people who are "wearing a color coordinated outfit" and are barely breaking a sweat. Leave your whoreish cologne in the locker or better yet don't expose us to this shit at all.
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    since there are people allergic to perfumes and scents, this should be in consideration. But people shower after a gym workout, and not before.

    Its wonder more people don't have lung diseases. Talc, in large amounts can cause silicosis of the lungs.
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