"Another one that got away" got away!

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    I'm pissed. I posted a rather lengthy incident that happened a few weeks ago and thought I would make a few spelling corrections before submitting however I hit a wrong button and all I had typed disappeared! Oh well, I'll try again but maybe shorten it this time for readers interest.

    I was in a department store and noticed a red hair guy standing at one of the urinals when I went in. I could swear I saw hand movement and not just "shaking the pee off." There was a rather tall privacy shield between the two so instead of standing on the other side, I went into a stall next to where he was standing. No peep or glory hole but I undid my pants and sat down so I could watch his feet under the petition. I could see pants leg movement so that confirmed my suspicion that he was jerking off or either playing with himself. I stood up, flushed and walked out the stall to the sink area. I could see him still standing there in the mirror so after washing my hands, I decided to wash off my glasses to kill time. He turned his head a time or two looking at me. I made small talk about how dirty my glasses got and he laughed. He zipped up and walked towards the sink. I was curious just what he was up to so I walked back into the stall and left the door open, hopeing he might come in. Whether I would have done anything with him then or not, but I'd like to check out his package. He never came in but left. Since no one else had come in or out except him leaving, I went over to the urinal he had used and jerked off. Didn't take me long. I opened the door and decided to get a drink out of the water fountain just outside the door. As I was sipping, I saw him walk back in the bathroom but by then I wasn't that interested plus a friend was waiting fr me near the front of the store.
    I thought by the color of his shirt that he might be an employee so when I went back in this week, I checked around the aisles hopeing I would spot him. I had decided if I did see him then, I'd ask him where the mens room was - thinking he might offer to show me. I asked one of the salesclerks if te red-headed guy was off or gone to lunch. She looked puzzled and said she couldn't place anyone by that description.
    It's doubtful now we'll ever run into each other again but I can't get this incident out of my mind.

    This is the second time I have missed an opportunity. Other time was several years ago and I did get his phone number but lost it before I could call. Damn it!:mad: Oh....doesn't look like I shortened my story any. Sorry.
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